New build to get optimum smoke flavor

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Original poster
Oct 11, 2021
After about 2-3 weeks of searching I finally found a 80-100 gallon propane tank. The only thing I'm questioning, is the dimensions he gave me was approximately 20" diameter and 7 ft long. Which I don't want a 7 ft long smoker, I would prefer 4.5-5 ft long. From the research I've done, I thought it was better to have a bigger smoker, that way you can put bigger logs on to reach temp and maintain temp, but it smolders a little bit longer to achieve a more smoky flavor. Vs a smaller cc and fb that the cc heats up easily and then smaller logs have to be used to achieve orrect Temps,thus resulting in less smoke? I may very well be wrong. I'm new to smoking, but have all the tools needed to build a smoker and know how to weld. Just want to make sure the dimensions are going to get results that I'm looking for. Thanks for any help!
Here you go. This should help with the sizes thing. If it is a 100#, I would say you want to pass. If it is a 200 Lb, Mini, or 57 gal....Those are all awesome!
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