New amaz n pellet smoker

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  1. I don't really post anything but I follow SMF everyday, but I have to post this experience I had with Todd Johnson at Amaznproducts. I placed my order and of course I ordered the wrong thing. Todd emailed me and asked if that was really what I wanted cause I ordered the 6x8 smoker with a bag of pellets which doesnt go together. He took the time to ask what I was using it for and after a few emails later helped me decide which smoker would be best for me. His customer service was over the top and I can't wait to try out his product. Highly recommend Amaznproducts and TJ....Way to go Todd keep up the excellent service

    Mike B
  2. jrod62

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    YES !! his customer service is great . He will get your "new toy " to you super fast.[​IMG]
  3. Agreed...just got a MES 40 and looking forward to smoking w it this weekend

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