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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by chriss, Dec 14, 2009.

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    I have a couple of questions as I will be getting this for Xmas and am pretty excited. First time smoking will be with it. I am hoping to do something Xmas day with it and plan to do a pre-cooked Ham with it since you can do that in 3-5 hours. Have a couple of questions so I can prepare properly.

    1. Is there anything you need to do for a new smoker before using it? If so what is it and how long does it take?

    2. I am in MN so weather will more then likely be a high of 20F and possible near zero. I generally keep my garage at 40F and would like to do it in there. I am not sure how much smoke these kick out but do you think if I near back garage door and it was open with fan blowing towards door it would remove enough smoke from garage or do I need to better venting? i do not necessarily mind some smoke in the garage as I generally smoke cigars in there anyways.

    3. Any other recommendations of what I can throw on there for day 1 that does not take too long?

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    You're going to have to season it first. They tell you how in the manual you'll get, but it seems I remember that it was for about 3 hours. You have to do that to get all of the manufacturing "stink" out of it. Then a bit more time to let it cool before your first smoke to "set" the colors on the walls.

    I have mine on the porch right outside my back door and the smoke can get pretty intense at times when I leave that door open and the wind is blowing it straight in. Other times it's not bad at all. A fan would help, on low for sure, but don't let it blow into the smoker or you'll cool it down quicker every time you open the door.

    Good luck with it! Get it sooner rather than later if you can, season it, and then just throw something "quick" in there to test it - hotdogs, burgers, chops, shrimp, fish, etc.

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