Needed fatty sausage - made some fresh & Linguica too

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  1. I wanted to make a fatty yesterday but was out of sausage. I decided I might as well make a couple kinds  [​IMG]

    Here is the butt that was used for the sausage. I cut it up, removed the gland & membranes & put it in the freezer to stiffen up.

    A little while later it was time to grind...

    I took 1 lb to mix up for the fatty sausage. For spices just salt, pepper & a bit of sage - similar to the recipe posted by Pops.

    Mixed up & ready to be used in the fatty.

    I also took 2 lbs to make some breakfast (actually anytime) sausage.

    The spices are salt, brown sugar & a little bit of pepper.

    Have to take off for a little bit - Linguica part coming soon...
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  3. The spices & cure #1 - the cure will allow me to cold smoke the Linguica safely  [​IMG]

    Here is the rest of the butt before mixing in the spices.

    & after - getting some nice color.

    Stuffer set up, casing on & ready to go. I let the casing soak in warm water for a few hours while I made the fatty & smoked it & some ribs & got some salmon ready to smoke  [​IMG]

    & here she is... Once the casing dries it will get a nice long cold smoke.

    Here is how I store my unused casing. I put it in a ziplock & cover it in sea salt - it will make its own brine. I store it in the fridge.

    & here they are in the MES last night for the cold smoke. AMNPS using oak pellets.
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    [​IMG][​IMG]     [​IMG]

  5. Back on my custom drying rack for a minute while I got ready...  [​IMG]

    Here's a good luck at the inside...

    I couldn't wait so I had to try a piece with my meal tonight. Since I had the grill going I just threw a piece on there... It turned out good & tasted great but I will have a better evaluation after I eat some with my breakfast tomorrow...

  6. Forgot to update this. I cut some of the Linguica up & mixed in with my eggs for breakfast & it was awesome!  Linguica is one of my several favorite sausages to make  [​IMG]   For some reason the pic I took came out all blurred up but the breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs with Linguica, garlic toast made from Roller's recipe & some of the fresh sausage - it was a really good breakfast & I'm sorry the pic didn't turn out  [​IMG]
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    Looks great!

  8. Thanks Disco  [​IMG]
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    I'll eat it..........................[​IMG]
  10. Thanks Joe - I made you some breakfast with the last of it  [​IMG]


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