need pellets

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Apr 21, 2014
hughes springs texas
Ok. I bought a treager junior pellet grill in like February and I love it. Mine came with the digital temperature thing on it. Makes it so easy to use. Im almost out of my first bag of pellets. I have been looking for more. My problem is I am finding a lot of different types at good prices until I see the shipping cost. Any ideas would be wonderful. I have been looking on Amazon since im a prime member but my choice is limited. I live in north east texas.
You've discovered one of the biggest challenges to cooking with pellet rigs.  I also struggle to find good, affordable pellets without paying through the nose for shipping costs.  If you can order pellets with free shipping from Amazon, that's a good place to start.  Both Lumberjack and CookinPellets can be ordered on Amazon, but unless you catch them on sale, you're usually still paying a dollar or more per pound.

If you have the storage space to store large quantities, something to consider is a bulk order...much cheaper per pound, including the shipping, but for most brands I think you have to order at least a half ton at a time.  If I had the room to store them, I'd order Lumberjack pellets in bulk.  Or, if you have any other pellet users near you, you might consider going together on a bulk buy.

You might also check your nearest Academy Sports and Outdoors...mine carries a brand called B&B, which is actually re-branded BBQ'rs Delight.  I can buy these in 20 lb. bags, 3 flavors (hickory, mesquite, apple) for around .50 per lb.

Also, I'm not sure how close you are to either Austin or Houston, but I believe there are CookinPellets dealers in those you might check that out.  

If you want further reading on this subject, check out this thread over in the Pellet Smokers Group section:

Good luck, and please share with us if you find a good deal.

Check your local feed store, tractor supply store or farm co-op.  Some of those have a pretty decent selection.  I found a good selection, a little higher than I planned but usable.

Good luck!
Try posting on a couple of boards such as pelletheads or smoked-meats for others in your area. You might get a couple of others to go in with you on a half or full pallet. I know when I bought my Yoder I called BBQ Delight but their half pallet was 42 bags and I didn't have the room. I ordered a half from ATBBQ when I ordered my Yoder, their half was only 28 bags, which for me came to $12.00 a bag. I guess I'm fortunate that I have a BBQ Supply place close by and can get a bag of BBQ Delight for $16.00.

Good luck 

Have you tried the cookin pellets brand yet? I purchased the hickory and perfect mix. They say it's 100% hardwood, no fillers.  I like them both, and the price is pretty good. The hickory is $32.54 and the PM is 43.99 for 40 pound bags. And the best part is they are prime eligible. I've tried the treager and have not been impressed.
I have tried cookin pellets brand. That's what I am using right now. Got them off of Amazon. So far I like them. Treager was ok but I like pm better. Still kinda new to this and plan on trying other brands as I can but loving the experience. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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