Need new burner sssembly for BBQ Grillware SG1000

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by kingt36, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. kingt36

    kingt36 Meat Mopper

    I think my burner assembly is finally giving out. I cleaned out the venturi and everything to no avail. Of course, this particular smoker is difficult to find anything for. It's like this smoker never existed. I'm curious if any of you can tell me if there is another vertical propane smoker with similar specs for the burner assembly that I could use to swap out my current one.

  2. spoolinaz

    spoolinaz Meat Mopper

    I have the stock one out of my XL I'm not using anymore. Post or PM me a pic of yours.
  3. mtnbika

    mtnbika Newbie

    I had the same issue. I bought my BBQ Grillware SG-1000 in 2007. Over the years that heat I can generate from the burner assembly has reduced. And now I can't get enough of a flame to hold temperature, even under the best conditions. Not sure if it's the regulator or the knob assembly, but since it's all one unit, I'm not sure if it matters. However parts for this smoker are available direct from the manufacturer. The manufacturer is The GHP group,   Call their cust. service number 1-877-447-4768 9-5:30 EST and they can ship you parts directly. After being on the phone with them for about 10 minutes I had the part I needed shipped to me by 2-day delivery. 

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