need major help with brisket!!!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by lumpydrey, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. I've smoked 3 packers before each not well. The first was too tough, the second was nothing to remember, and the third was tender at the flat and around the burnt ends regions but was way too smokey. I'm buying a brisket today to smoke in the morning around fourish. Please help a guy out!
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    Tough brisket hasn't cooked long enough.   Too smokey for you means that you either hit it with smoke for too long, or you hit it with bad smoke (lots of grey/white smoke pouring out of the smoker.

    Ideally you want thin blue smoke coming out of your smoker and you cook the brisket until it passes the poke/probe test.  Take a temp probe or something similar and poke the brisket at a number of spots in the thickest point of the flat.   When the probe goes in and out with no resistance, like a knife through room temp butter, the brisket is done.
  3. Grandpa made it look so easy. Sounds like I really would benefit from temo probes.
  4. *Temp*

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