NEED HELP!!! Brisket is on RIGHT NOW!!!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by dwolfpak, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. Brisket has been in smoker for 5.5  hours, probe reads 175.  Is is really possible for this to be that far in just 5.5 hours?  I've been running the pit in the 240 to 275 range...  Party is at 6:30 tomorrow night,  I was worried about it getting done in time, now I'm worried it'll get done to early and dry out.

    It's a 14 pound Packer Brisket, based on all the threads, should be smoking for 1.25 to 1.5 hours per pound.  at that rate, it should be 17-21 hours.  

    My Pork Butts never came up to temp that fast.

    Also, if the brisket reaches goal temp way early, any ideas on how to hold it at temp for a long period of time without drying out? 


  2. toddc

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    Where are you taking the temp at?  Try reinserting your probe in a different part of the brisket.
  3. I't was in the tip, I figured that's the thickest.  I moved it over to  the other side and it came down, but only about 10 degrees.  Still reading high, currently 174...  The probe is in the side, just past the split between the flat and the tip...
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    Turn the temp down in the smoker to 200-210 ish.... that's below the boiling point of water and it won't dry out , and by tomorrow it will be done... juicy and pullable...
  5. Great, thanks Dave...
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    Dwolfpack , I'm back with an idea you may want to try . . .

    Holding meat is not a hard task and not intricate . I take an ice cooler , boil a large pot od water and put it in the cooler the sit 1 hr, Cooler gets nice and cozy by then and can be emptied and dried out . Place your wrapped Meat (foil and towels ) in the cooler and close for up to up to 12hrs. It will be very tender coming out , but still hot and juicy...JMHO

    Have fun and  . . .
  7. Thanks old timer.  I got the Brisket in the oven holding a temp of around 200 so it doesn't over cook.  I'll do the cooler thing when we head out in a couple hours....  I've got a big cooler I've used for the pulled pork, I putt fire place bricks in it that have been in the oven.  They hold their heat for a long time.  Makes a nice hot box.

    Check out my Q View on my other post.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    Soooooooo......... Now you are an "OLD TIMER" ...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  9. Nice......LMAO!!!!!!
  10. Least he's not an ALZ-Timer

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    I wuz just sayin'    

    He did ask [​IMG]
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  12. I'm happy to be an Ol'Timer . Lol. Brisket turned out great, I may not get sleep, but I wouldn't trade in my stick burn'n Oaky Joe for anything. No pellets or em electrics for me, playing with FIRE is half the fun...

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