Need advice with new cabinet style cooker.

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Oct 4, 2013
Found this Hoffman enclosure for $150. I've looked at all the data for this model on the Hoffman website and from what I gather, this beast, besides costing $2969.00 retail, is stainless under the paint. It's air and water tight and the walls and door have a recess of about a inch and half.

As it is now, it's internal dimensions are 86.61x39.37x19.69in

I'm thinking of cutting it down to a manageable 5ft and lining the door and wall recesses with insulation and then lining the whole inside with another layer of sheet metal.

If I keep it as it is, I would like to build a frame for it an lay it down horizontally, split the door down in half and add long racks. I can't make my mind up.
I also need advice on where the fire box should go?
Any ideas will be much appreciated.


Before you start cutting that beauty up, give some serious thought as to making it a dedicated cold smoker.  By using an external smoke generator you would have a very nice unit.  If you don't have the shelves or hanger brackets they can be ordered.  It would be very inexpensive to convert and something many would envy.

Just my thoughts.

That would make a nice smoker using one of the smokedaddy pellet hopper units. I sure wouldn't want to hack up something that nice to make it smaller is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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