Myron Mixon Muffin pan question

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  1. Just was curious...when reading Myron's recipe, he stated that the muffin pan have a whole in the bottom. Why is that? What if there isn't a whole? He also said that a silicon muffin tin could be used. Is that safe in a smoker?

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    The silicone is definitely safe...  I haven't done the muffin-method, but the hole is to let the rendered fat out, I would imagine. Otherwise, it would be pretty soggy, I would imagine.
  3. That was my understanding of it.
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    I'm lost, what is the recipe for?

  5. It is a how he cooks chicken thighs. Gets them a uniform shape for competition.
  6. How big do you think the hole should be?
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    It's been awhile since I've read it but doesn't the muffin pan with holes in it sit in another pan with chicken broth in it
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    The silicone muffin pans are food safe and high heat approved. The holes are about 3/4" in dia. The thigh bone knuckles are cut off each end with kitchen shears. The thighs are placed skin side down into the muffin pans. About 3 pads of butter are placed on the sides of each muffin cup. The muffin pan is then placed in a foil pan and chicken broth is added to the foil pan about 1/2 deep. After about 1.5 hours at 275, the thighs are removed from the pan and replaced back on the smoker to gain color. The holes allow the chicken broth to make the skin bite through. Butter adds moisture. You can drill a 3/4" holes in a regular muffin pan...cheaper, works just as well.  
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