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My ugly drum build. one smoker.

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by onesmoker, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. onesmoker

    onesmoker Newbie

    So this was my first attempt at a smoker build me and a friend took a run at.
    No paper. No pencils. Just a wild imagination and cold canadian beer.
    We started by aquiring two drums one 30 gallon and one 55 gallon food grade.
    The 55 being the smoke box mounted horizontally and the 30 underneath
    As the firebox. Seen here.

    Mating the two proved a difficult task due to the thin guage and gasless welder
    Running off flux core. But we got er done.

    Since angle iron was cheap and readily available we used it as our frame.
    Also mounting it to the lower and upper halves of the 55 gallon drum. Ensuring
    Rigidity, somewhat of a seal between the two and mounting points on the back for

    Next was cutting out a hole for the firebox door and welding flat bar frame
    To the 30 gallon hole to give it some strength. Since we figured the heat produced
    May warp the door. So we up armored it.

    Then we finished the frame and added some wheels and side tables with a nice white
    Oak. Also added 3/4 ball valves up top and down low for temp control. Then it was
    Handles and a slide lock for the top drum to keep it closed nice and tight. We used bamboo for the lid handle, push handle and our custom made multi tool handle. Cause you cant argue for paying 2 bucks for 10 footer. Its hollow and strong so were hoping it wont hold the heat being so close to the smokebox.

    This is where we sit now. We just finished the rack last night. Angle iron frAme 1/4 inch hot rolled round bar for supports underneath. Expanded metal for the food to sit on. And some nice beefy handles on either side to remove the whole thing if need be.
    Were stuck now since the temp dropped and we cant paint it outside and are currently
    Looking for somewhere indoors. But so far i am pleased with the results.

    From a newbie to the experts on here. What do you guys think? Criticism is wanted.
    Ide like to learn from this build before i go onto the next one which is going to be
    6x2x2 1/2 fridge sized metal box. Any pointers would be great. Thanks for looking.
  2. This is inspiring. Well built and good design. Do you plan to leave the rough exterior, or paint it with stove paint?  Try it out yet?
  3. as for tips, I recommend that you purchase more steamwhistle prior to your smoke! You will certainly run out hahaha