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My Thanksgiving Smoke

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by kandl, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Here is the start of my very first Thanksgiving Smoke.  Going to do a whole Turkey (8lbs) and then two bone-in breasts about the same size.  The whole turkey and one breast will be "standard" and one breast will be "spicy".

    I'm pretty much following Jeffs instruction from the Smoking Meat news letter.  I have a game plan but if anyone has tips by all means give them to me! Goal is lunch on Sunday the 24th with 40 people at our house!  YIKES!  

    (there will also be a fried turkey and and a ham provided by other family members)

    Okay so far I have thawed all my turkey its now in the fridge.

    I have mixed up my bacon butter which by the way SMELLS AMAZING!

    I plan to smoke the whole turkey on Saturday afternoon and re-heat it in the oven on Sunday while the breasts are on the UDS.  I just don't have the room to do all of this at one time on the UDS. I know this is not ideal but if anyone has suggestions I'm listening.

    I'm going to try the buttermilk brine on at least the "standard" and just season with poultry seasoning and some salt and pepper and of course the bacon butter.

    For the "spicy" breast I'm going to brine/inject it like scarbelly wings.  I have not decided yet if I will brine it in the buttermilk brine with the rest or mix up a spicy brine.

    So unless I change my mind in the next few hours tonight my whole turkey goes into a buttermilk brine and is queued up for a tomorrow afternoon smoke.
  2. One whole turkey soaking in a buttermilk brine, going to find out how the UDS does in below freezing temps tomorrow!

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  3. Yes, post the results, as far as the freezing weather goes please.  I ask as I plan on smoking 3 turkeys on either the 21 or 22 of December this years. I am going to spachcock at least 2 of them and do them in 30 inch MES.  The third, the neighbour I am doing it for has not said yet what he wants me to do with their turkey.
  4. Will do! I plan to smoke the whole turkey tomorrow afternoon at the warmest part of the day. The breasts will be going on early Sunday morning. I will try to post updates the whole way.

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  5. pc farmer

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    I am in. I plan on using my uds all winter long.

    My temps can get below 0 here.
  6. fwismoker

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    If your UDS has enough air in and enough air out it'll be great in below freezing temps. 
  7. I think it does... I have 4 3/4 inlets and normally use only two. I have a 2" and a 3/4 " hole in the top I always run them open

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  8. Whole turkey is still in buttermilk brine.  Should I pull it out a few hours before smoke and let it sit uncovered in the fridge before I do the bacon butter to dry the skin out a bit or will it matter at all since I'm smearing bacon butter under the skin and all over the outside?
  9. Not starting off good temp all over..dropped a shelf support in the charcoal pan had to retrieve that.. but its on now!

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  10. The whole turkey had to finish in the oven. Skin is very very crunchy but not brown. UDS blew through a full pan of charcoal in about 4 hours. Not a good smoke.

    Today I moved into the garage out of the wind and started smoking the two breasts at 6am. UDS did much better today without the wind. Breasts are done And waiting in cooler. Here are some qviews.

    Mixed up some creole butter and franks for the scar belly breast.


    Forgot to take pic before the went on.




    And they are done pulled at 160 rested for a bit on the rack then onto the cooler. Smell amazing and look delicious!


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  11. Well the Turkeys were a hit!  Everyone loved them and wants to have them again next year!  Thanks for all the tips and advice from everyone here!  
  12. coffee_junkie

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    Wierd, my drum runs best in sub freezing temps. I have ran it in below 0 temps with great results. I wonder what the difference is. Glad the turkeys turned out though!
  13. I really think it was the wind and the location.  The next morning it was just as cold but no wind as I had it in the garage door way and it ran normally.  Smoked several hours and had plenty of coals left.