My old MES40 control panel just croaked - and I just called Masterbuilt...they no longer have customer support!

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My smoker is stuck outside in the elements. I used weatherproof covers and such, but I didn't think the Auber would hold up in that scenario.
I unplug mine and take it in the house . If it's something you don't want to do that's fine . There's a reason why the guys that have one recommend it .
I've kept mine on top of my MES with the whole thing under a weatherproof cover for well over a year and a half, with no issues. And it is easily unplugged to go into the house as said above.
I just found the never-used remote to my smoker with the broken control panel. To my surprise, the smoker is back from the dead. I checked various temps and it appears to be working fine. Rib test tomorrow.
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