My new maverick et-732

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Feb 10, 2009
Well i got my new maverick et-732 from todd ther other day and got my first chance to use it yesterday with some snacksticks i was doing. Got the batteries in,one change that they had made was the cover for the batteries on the sending unit now held in by two very small screws which is the only pain with this model. I did a quick boiling water test and both probes were spot on at 212. After getting the smoker loaded and the probes set i was ready for the test of the maverick,i smoke in my brick made garage and i shut the doors during winter(i have all the parts ready for a smoking exhaust but haven't made that yet) to help with keeping the cold out.So with everything set i closed down the doors and walked the 80ft. back to the house. Everything still working,shut the door and walked inside,everything still working. Made my way through every room in my house making sure to close the doors behind me .So to the first floor bathroom that would be four doors,unit still sending and reciving!!! Out of the bathroom and upstairs to the bedroom,shut the door-still working.Back downstairsto the first floor,down the basment and into the laundry room again i shut the door,again still working!!!!This is way better than the et-73 with that unit i could not get a signal when i closed my garage doors let alone get a signal to the house!! Every thing worked like it should have on the unit, high/low temp alarm for the smoker,high temp for the meat.This does not mean that i will stop using the et-73 model they are still a great unit,i will just use that unit in summer when i can have the doors to the garage open.So if anyone is having trouble with getting a signal in your house then i would have no problem suggesting the maverick et-732. it is a very solid unit,very accurate,great signal,high and low temp alarms.I would also like to add that i am not any type of rep for the company or anything,i just found this unit to be very helpful and am excited at how well it performed.Thought i would give it a shout out. 

  Thanks for looking,---LES
Sounds like a winner!

Thanks for the review.

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