My first use of the smoker - chucky with qview

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Dec 27, 2013
My family gave me a MES 30 for Christmas. This was my first meal using it - smoked a nice chuck roast, also made some bread and a lemon meringue pie. Weather started beautiful sun and warm near 60 and ended cold and snowy. To further add to the level of difficulty my only wood is pellets - and the AMNPS doesn't arrive until Monday.

chuck is from a 1/3 cow we got - about 3.5-4lb 6x9x1.75

I gave it a generous rub using the first thing I found on SMF - Billbo's recipe - I doubled the brown sugar and cayenne pepper

I see that no one trusts the built in temp on these so I decided to double probe the meat (both were typically within 5* sometime as much as 10* - opposite ends of the roast though - didn't learn much here other that the MES was perhaps pretty close). Roast went in at 11:30am - tried to maintain a temp of 240*.

As I was using pellets in the built in box/tray I was a tad clueless on the amount. I started with 3g per 30min, then up to 3.5g. when the cold front moved in I was up to 5.5g. I only knew I didn't want too much smoke from the pellets. Kept the vent wide open - closed to 75% open when it got really cold out.

At around 2pm I hit the 150* stall. Thanks to this site, I didn't panic. At 4pm temp was climbing again - I opened it up to take a peak and I decided to flip it over. Looked good.

An hour later I had hit my goal of 165* to pull it and foil it.

Looking really good as I make the foil boat - added 3/4c of apple cider - which proceeded to leak into the water pan as I punctured the boat putting it back in the smoker - it was getting really cold out and I was in a hurry to get the meat out of the cold. oh well, I wasn't using any water in the pan so now I had cider in there.

One hour in a foil wrap and we've hit 200* at 6:00pm - everyone is hungry and its started to snow - shut off the smoker, briefly opened it to dump some heat, then closed it back up to rest for 30min - temp rose another 5 or more degrees - I was shocked to reach that temp at 6000'

Perhaps it got even higher but meanwhile the bread is done and I gave it a slice - turned out great for all the problems I had with such a simple recipe.

I took the water pan (used no water this is just cider and drippings) and added red wine, beer, and lemons to make a hybrid au jus and BBQ sauce.

I would have liked to have rested the roast longer but the fam was clamoring for grub. chucky looks good enough to eat - so I did - roasts are always so much better immediately - I just stood there tearing chunks and eating - that burnt corner was heaven.

left half was sliced, right was pull apart tender - is this due to the cut or physical arrangement is the smoker? either way the dip made the cut only chunk good eats

after all my sampling my plate was small with a mix of meat, potatoes, bread and beer

A meal like this deserved a fine finish with some lemon meringue pie (and beer) I'll try to mod it for altitude next time for taller meringue - still very tasty is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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