My first smoke

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Looks good from here! Hope they turn out the way you like, but even if they don't, it's a fun process and it'll taste better than a salad!!
Can't miss on 3-2-1 IMHO. Always editable no matter what. Good luck with that first smoke!
Well I did the 3-2-1 with my new Trager Jr. Smoker.  The ribs were good.....But I could not set the temp. according to Traeger's receipe for baby back ribs.  Three hours on smoke, ok then 2 hours at 225 in foil.  There are only 3 setting on this grill, Smoke was less then 225, Medium was much higher and High was  too high. The next time I will try three hours on smoke, two hours on medium(in foil) and one or more hours to finish. The smoker burned nice, no problem with pellets and was easy to do.  The outside temp. was 45+ so that was not the problem. Any suggestions are most welcome.
  Nice machine. Most people go about 2-2-1 for baby back ribs. How were your results? Just adjust from there until you get what you like.

 Around here baby back ribs are just too expensive. I can buy spares cheaper and I like them better but either way ribs are always a treat.

Well I did the two slabs of ribs according to the 3-2-1 receipt I had.  With the unit I had I could not get the 225 degrees, either lower or higher. After 6 hours I took them off, we ate one slab, they were at 170 and were just o.k. I put the the other one back on the smoker at the med. setting, which stayed around 350-380 ( I had three 3 thermometer checking).  I put more of my vinegar base sauce( which has

1/2 cup, or more of Kahlua and 1/2 fruit jam(this time it was blackberry)on the ribs and cooked them for two hours uncovered.  They were really great. On a side note my wife wants me to make pastrami and she just ordered a meat slicer. Thanks for you comments and suggestion.
med. setting, which stayed around 350-380
Medium is 300 ish?  What is high- 450??

Not smoker temps IMnHO.              (n- newbieish)

And how are you going to make pastrami?  Recipe??

Thanks, we gotta keep at it.

When I seasoned the grill/smoker it went up to 500 (on the dial)degrees. I just found out the have a Digital Thermostat that can be added. Found a lot or recipes for pastrami on the web(this site also).  I will start with a cured corn beef. I am 77 1/2 and retired so I have lot of time to experiment (always keeping in mine food safety). is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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