My first smoke!

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Sep 30, 2013
Hello everyone from Australia.

I just bought a gas smoker. A Hark 2 door.

Really excited to start smoking some tasty feasts. So im looking for a first recipe that I can try put. Was hoping for maybe pork ribs or a pork belly recipe although I want more of a simple recipe and something that can be smoked over a shorter not a 10 hour smoke.

What can you guys suggest me?

I eagerly await your responses.:grilling_smilie:

 For a shorter smoke time, go with chicken.  Leg quarters, whole chicken or spatchcock chicken. Those are good to break in a new smoker!

Go with a pork butt or shoulder. You can sliced it or pull it, use it as a dinner and use leftovers for sandwiches. And its hard to screw up as they are very forgiving if you aren't at perfect finished temp. Smoked pork is always a hit and easy to do.
 Montes, hello. Welcome to the Forum. Hope you enjoy your new toy. As mentioned ,start with a easy cut of meat to start...Chicken , Pork (a Loin is good too , and easy) or a Chuck Roast. The Ribs and bigger cuts can come later with practice.

Contac some of the Guys from your area (there are several) and if possible , get together and share the fun...

Once you've started to cook , take some Q-view (what we call Pictures) and show  us your handiwork.

Check out my Q-view on my Profile (click over my screen name for access).Roll to the bottom and take a look.

Have fun and as always . . .
Thank you guys

Ok so this is what I have done as I'm short on time to get ingredients but too impatient to wait. I went and bought a pre sauced "Texan flavoured marinated baby back ribs" ...please don't shoot me. :biggrin:
I'll throw them in this arvo and crank this smoker up.
Any suggestions on cooking time and method and what chips to use?

Also bought some pork butt and loin for me to experiment with on Sunday.


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