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Discussion in 'Pork' started by dingo007, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. dingo007

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    Even though I've been smoking stuff for a while now...the Picnic and Butt rarely make it past my grinder for sausage duties. Well, today I lost my virginity. I had a very large leg from the last hog I slaughtered  that was destined to be ham, but turned out to be to fatty. So i gave it a rub and stuck it into the MES30 with the AMPTS loaded up with apple. I had to cut the hock of and it still barely fit....

    28hrs later.....

    Pulled and finished with Chef JJ's sauce....

    Served with some slaw and Bassman's sourdough base recipe modified to Jalepeno & Cheese Rolls.

    It was very good...Maybe a little overdone....I never reached the magic 203F. It stalled at 156F and then topped out at 197F....I told myself toleave it alone and be patient as you guys have tought me....but after 6hrs I had to hae a look. The butt felt jelly like and the bone moved easily so i assumed it was done. I'm guessing my probe was touching a bone maybe. If i'd put a second probe in I bet i would've been over 205F. Ya live and learn. It's still a very tasty meal. Thanks for looking.
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  2. bmaddox

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    That looks great. 

    As for not reaching 205, what elevation are you at? I see that you are in Colorado so if you are at a higher elevation you might not reach as high of a finish temp. If your boiling point of water is 200 degrees then trying to take a butt to 205 will cook all of the moisture out of it. At least that is my understanding of it. Living in Florida we don't have to worry about things like that. 
  3. crankybuzzard

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    Looks like it did great!  Like bmaddox said, sometimes you can't always get the magic number, but the bone pull test will always tell you true.

    I love the making these for a long cook and great meal.  The PP also vac packs well for even more great dinners at a later date.
  4. crazymoon

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    D007, nice smoke !
  5. joe black

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    Nice looking chunk of meat there, Dingo.
  6. dingo007

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    Thanks guys....i hadn't even thought about the altitude issue...It makes sense..i'm at around 7000ft. I'll know for next time.

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