My First Build - 120 Gallon on a trailer

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by jasonlotz, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. So I took Monday off work this week and spent most of the weekend working on it. I started about 3 weeks ago and should mostly finish tonight. I've spent most nights after work and every weekend on this thing, I'm on the home stretch. Last coat of paint goes on the cooking chamber tonight hopefully.

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    Looking Good!

    I have a very similar size Trailer and am wondering what you are doing about tail lights and Wiring?  I plan to mount mine just like yours and the Firebox sits essentially on the one light, which I assume is going to melt after 1-2 cooks.
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    You are getting there... Looking at your pics I am guessing that only one stack vents and the other is for looks? If so is your stack damper inside of the stack and at the height it's installed will that effect the air flow? I am only asking cause all the calc sheets give a finish stack height which I assume is for volume or air / back flow. Cam shaft looks cool.
  4. You are right about the two stacks, one is for looks. The other one I did put in a 5" chimney pipe damper plate. I hope I didn't screw that up where I put it, the chimney goes down into the cooking chamber to about the middle cooking rack and is cut at a 45 degree angle inside. Worst case scenario I have the take that damper out and put some sort of flap on the top of the pipe I guess, not sure how that will all work.

    Anybody else have concerns or suggestions on the way I handled that damper?
  5. Not positive what I'll do with the lights yet, my initial thought is that I may mount them on top of the fenders because I know the one will melt for sure since my smoker is offset to the one side of the trailer, only about 5" away from the hottest part of the firebox.
  6. Well thanks to everybody who helped and commented. Couldn't have done it without all the tips and insights on where to get info. I finished painting last night. Still may need to wire up the lights but don't want them to melt, not sure how close I can get.  Everything else is pretty much finished. Gonna season it tonight and hopefully be cooking on it over the long weekend.

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    Looks very nice..... What is the camshaft out of...
  8. As they say if you cant find it in a store. Use your imagination and build it.
    AWESOME BUILD good job.
  9. Hey Dave, the camshaft is out of a Detroit Diese semi enginel. I had to cut off about 6inches of it to fit between the stacks. The stacks are off a freightliner, the handle for the cooking chamber and firebox are off a freightliner cab grab bars and the front shelf is a semi step. I'm not a trucking enthusiast but a buddy of mine had a lot of this scrap stuff where he works on 'em and I just recycled and repurposed.

    18 wheeler smoke on!

    I need a good name for this thing now.
  10. The Big Rig BBQ
  11. That's a great name idea! Anybody Else?
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  12. The movie joy ride had a trucker by the name "Rusty Nail"

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    this thing is awesome... as far as the lights go... you could mount them on a magnetized bar... stick the magnet on top of the FB while traveling... remove it for cooking ... won't have to worry about lights melting...
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    Excellent work. Love it.
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    It's absolutely awesome ! Keep the shiney side up, and the dirty side down, 10 - 4 Good Buddy !

    You're probably too young to remember C.W. McCall's music, but " we got us a CONVOY " !
    The movie Convoy had a driver named " Pig Pen "....... Not a bad name to paint on your pit !
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  16. That's too funny, we were listening to C.W. McCall's Convoy on the Jukebox last night for inspiration. That and Alabama's Roll on.

    I think I'm gonna go with Creator Savants suggestion and name it "The Big Rig BBQ"

    Then I'm going to put a small line of type on the shelf in front that says "Roll on 18 Squeeler Smoke On"

  17. GLAD I could help. And like I said before nice looking smoker.
  18. The magnetic bar thing is a great idea! Found a set of magnetic trailer lights at Harbor Freight for $20, already wired just drop 'em on and plug 'em in.

    Nice call JckDanls 07
  19. So I broke in the new smoker this weekend. I rolled my first fatty! I hadn't even heard of a fatty before I joined this site, they were awesome!

    Also did a brisket for 14 hours, 4 racks of ribs and a pile of stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon. Was a huge success and the smoker works like a champ.

  20. Looks perfect. Im glad it works well for you. Not all of our inventions work,but I got to tell you fine job.

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