My first brisket and some questions

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jstylzz, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Going to do a brisket for the first time in my ME40 and AMPS. I'm cooking for my family and want to produce something great. What's everyone's go-to method? Injecting? Rub only? Rub then sauce? I've poked around and have some ideas but wondered what everyone thought. We have flats here at my grocery store so I may just do that instead of a full packer.
  2. caribou89

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    Go for a full packer if you can swing it. I've never had a flat that was any good. They are usually fully trimmed and seem to get dry. I'm starting to get into injections. Injected the last one with creole butter and it turned out really good. Also dry rub with salt pepper onion powder and garlic powder.
  3. waterinholebrew

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    I second what caribou said on the packer if ya can find one... I just rub mine down with a little peanut oil or EVOO before the rub or SPOG & they turn out pretty good ! Good luck & be sure to post some Q view !
  4. I'm just worried about forking out the $$$ for a full packer and messing things up on the first go round.
  5. waterinholebrew

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    Understood, but the last time I done a flat... Just wasn't the same ! However, I understand the $$ situation totally !
  6. I will have to see what I can find them for. When I looked last the full packer at a warehouse club was about $60.00 and I could get a flat for about half that. Does that sound right?
  7. caribou89

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    Full price, that's probably about right. However, the price per pound is nearly always much less on a packer, so you get way more value. We can eat on a 13 lb brisket for a week. Pretty cheap if we can get 8 meals (4 nightsx2 of us) for $60. But I have gotten lucky and caught a couple sales the last few weeks. Havnt paid more than $2.25 a lb for the last 4 briskets I bought (select grade though)
  8. heubrewer

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    I agree with going with a full packer. The Costco by us (Chicago area)have them for 3.99/lb. they are USDA prime and require little trimming

    Don't over think it they really are fool proof
  9. I've also gotten flats at Costco still in the cryovac. They still have a fat cap on them, which helps avoid drying out.

    I agree that buying the trimmed flats you'll find in most grocery stores (or even post-trimming at Costco) isn't as well suited to smoking. 
  10. If I end up with the full packer I am going to try doing burnt ends.  I may cube it up and toss it in sauce and jus and put them in a small slow cooker to keep them warm for a couple of hours.  Does this work or will it turn them to mush?  I'm going to have to finish the flat and keep it in a cooler for several hours while we drive to our cabin and I'm not sure how best to hold the burnt ends until we get there.
  11. caribou89

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    Get the burnt ends cooked how you want, then just reheat them if you have that ability at the cabin. If not, they are still good at room temp.

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