My Faty smoke

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Feb 3, 2009
Randall wi
On Sunday,I found my garage being used as a smoke shed. I hadn't realized that the weather was going to be cold and windy. With temps in low teens with 25-30mph wind.

 The smoke went well. Although it took longer than usual. I did take a few pics of my finished product.
 Venison sausage Fatty as well as 3in and 1.5in casing. Along with venison jerky and a new teriyaki marinade. Total of #25 sausage and #1.5 of jerky

The faty's ready for slicing. Also whats left of the #2.5 links.
Faty's all sliced (notice the size gave me 14wks of sandwich meat)
All wrapped up and ready for the freezer. The big slices were first wrapped in saran wrap loosely to allow  for removal. To able myself to re shrink the package, helps on the waist.

    As for the two links not cut and froze is another story. As I was smoking I new those two were going to be trouble. In the first picture it looks as though the 2 shrunk or the fat was cooked out. I found that the fat was left in pockets. None of the other meat was overdone and my temps never went over 75o for over a minute. My temp on my electric smoker was hovering around 160o. The links were not side by side in the smoker. The only difference from the other links is that I added encapsulated citric acid. I tried the acid once before and had about the same problem. Only the fat all rendered out. The meat fell apart and had a very strong taste. I followed the directions as to how much acid for #25- 3oz. I used a little less. This time I used #4.5 of meat and 4tsp of acid. I broke down how much acid to use. (#4.5 - .5oz.) I found 6tsp =.5oz. I only put 4tsp of the acid to the #4.5.

    Any thoughts to my dilemma with the acid? I have been doing sausage for over 13yrs. The only problem I have had is with the acid. Could my acid not be correct.

    Order of processing is as follows=

#19 of venison/#6 pork ground 5/16 plate. While grinding add seasoning and mix.

Grind meat with 1/8 plate. Leave overnight in fridge. Next day mix 2.5 cup water to cure add to meat and mix.

Pulled out #4.5 and added acid and mixed in. Then stuffed and hung in fridge overnight.

Pull out meat place in smoker at 110o till about 60o or 2hrs. then smoke at 110o for 4hrs. Raise heat to 160o-165o till internal temp of 152. Ice bath for 20min. then hang till I freeze.

   Knowing how I do my sausage does anyone see what may have happened with the 2 links with the acid? I am looking at gaining that tang in my sausage.

  Both times I used PS seasonings mix and cure. The ingre. as follows.

MIX- mustard, paprika, salt, dextrose, sodium erythorbate (2.37%) and dehydrated garlic.

CURE- salt, maple sugar, sugar, sodium nitrate (.84%) less than 1% glycerin.

  I'm winded now sorry,

 All thoughts greatly appreciated

    Thank You

 I was able to use my mats (from Todd) that had came in on sat for my jerky. The mats worked great.
According to Cabelas (where I bought mine), 1 teaspoon is 1/6 oz so you are off by double on the citric acid.
Thank you,

 After some experimenting. I believe I have citric acid and not encapcilated citric acid. CA will cause exactly what has happened to my sausage. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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