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  1. This is my setup. It is the Smokey Mountain Series Great Outdoors Model 3600. I bought it about 2-3 years ago at WM for $100. I don't think they make it any longer because of a fundamental defect in the firebox design. Seems the coals just went into the firebox and the ash build-up would smother them out pretty quickly. There were 3 dampers, 2 on the sides for intake and one on top for exhaust. I modified it by using a grill wok pan (I guess that's what it's called) to hold the coals above the ash pan, that really made all the difference....just a quick shake to knock the ash down away from the coals. I also removed the top damper, cut it fully open, and added about 3' of chimney to help with drafting. There are 2 dampers near the firebox, but I find using only one of them gives me better control of the heat. I also gave up on watering it so I'm using sand in the water bowl, covered with foil. i've got quite a few wonderful suppers out of it so far.

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    yo smokewatcher dude,
    mods are way cool.
  3. Thanx. I was thinking about replacing the sand bowl with a heavy steel plate, to give me more room beneath it for a higher coal box. Anyone know if that would work out?

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