My 2nd Sous Vide

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½ cup dried onion flakes
1 tbs dried parsley
1 tsp black pepper
3 tbs onion powder
2 tbs garlic powder
3 tbs beef bouillon powder
½ tsp paprika
I imagine you could add some mushroom powder for the beefy mushroom.
Thanks Steve H Steve H I know I have them saved on my phone somewhere but couldn't find them... pretty sure I have them printed off at home.

My first cook with a Sv and i was thinking just another gimmick. Now its my crutch and has made me lazy with couple tricks. Have corned beef floating in SV at 180 deg. Surprised how fast water was evaporating. Two layers of bubble wrap over top of cooler and no evaporation and insulates so well temp is barley 100 degrees on top of wrap. It has to be saving much energy.
The steak looks absolutely delicious! For carrots, I do 185° for a couple three hours and they come out perfect. Tender, but not mushy at all.

I usually just hit them with some salt and add a generous amount of butter to the bag. Matter of fact, I have carrots going in the soak shortly. The 1 lb bag of peeled baby carrots is what I use.
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I'll look for mushroom powder. I do have Kinder's steak seasoning with black truffle I'll have to read again.
MW, Your steak looks delicious! SV-ing is fun. I finish all my summer sausage in the SV after giving it 3-4 hours of smoke,it comes out perfect everytime. I'm like BC Buck and about to SV some corned beef .
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