More than one Thermometer??

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Jun 18, 2007
Rhode Island
I have read several times here that I should have several thermometers. I understand why I need the Meat Probe type, but why would I ned others?
I also have a thermometer with two probes, one has a clip that you can attach to one of your racks to check temp of smoker. A lot of the built in ones aren't reliable.
Agreed. One for the meat one for the rack. If you have multiple types of meat you can even use more then 2.
That is good advice. I will be going to pick up at least one (meat probe) this week and then look for one to replace the built in temp guage, unless it is better to go with something different.
Pick up another digital with probe, under $20, WalMart. Stick the probe through a small potato and lay it on the rack (not touching the rack or meat) by the item being smoked. It will monitor your internal smoker temp. much more accurately than the "thermometer" in the lid of your smoker (if it has one).
One for each type of meat that you're cooking. Plus one for the cooker. That way, you'll be opening the cooker less often.

Also, if you have a vertical smoker, you can measure food on different levels.
I've always wondered - how deep should the probes be inserted in the meat to get a good reading? How much of the probe is "active"? I'm afraid if I don't insert it far enough that the heat from the smoker itself would affect the reading.
Hey Deb, I use them also, I recently saw some really small one's that you can stick in and leave them in while cooking. While I don't think they would be good for large meat like a shoulder, for something like a briskett that isn't that thick they would be perfect...That way you wouldn't have to keep sticking it...
Shell -

I have 4 pocket thermometers with about a 1" dial and 5" probes I use for most meats. Then I have about 5 that are about 12" long with 2" dials.

I also have 3 digitals with dual probes and one with a pager kind of thing somewhere I never use. LOL
Agreed, without the meat thermometer you're flying blind in a storm. My gripe is with thermometers that require batteries. Been stung by low batt giving a frozen readout and passing up that perfect temp. And certainly don't need one I can read while lying on the couch waiting for it to talk to me. Anyone know where I can get a remote thermometer with an analog dial readout?? I need to trust what I see. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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