Mini Pizzas My Way

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Feb 8, 2021
Fulshear, TX
Well I thought I was gonna be all show-off, but I did a quick look and see it’s been discussed a few times. I should know better with this bunch of gurus! But you also like stories, so here’s mine!

Mini Pizzas, Mom’s close to favorite meal I make for her. She’s 94 and lives with Wife and me.

What to do with leftover flour tortillas? Well if it’s the Deli-made ones we get at local our H-E-B stores, you wanna figure out some way to use them, cause they are doing something right, and consistent, too! They are muy bueno! They also have their own fresh breakfast-style Chorizo, located with the Italian sausages and Brats and the like. Add a dozen eggs and some of my Sweet ‘n Habanero sauce and there’s breakfast! Well at least for me….hmmm, might have some Mild Pace picante sauce back in the fridge somewhere there…he he

Anyhow I was looking at tortilla recipes a few years back, and this one lady had a pretty decent one to use; and she also said they make great mini pizzas, too! So here we go…

I like a good variety pizza, a Supreme if you will, as does Mom. You can see all of our ingredients lined up ready to play. And then everybody else likes Pepperoni, so there’s that… So gather and chop and sort and do a head count. See my pizza peel there on top of the stone…it’s perfect!

Put your stone in the oven and pre-heat to 425 F. My Pampered Chef stone needs some help on the surface so I covered in foil and gave it a light spray with oil. When the oven (and stone) is hot put three tortillas on the stone for one to two minutes, until they puff up and get a little color.

Promptly remove to the prep table. Now comes a little sauce all around with a spoon, then some cheese, then top accordingly.

Then another layer of cheese? Why sure!

Then into the oven for six to eight minutes. The pepperoni gets golden around six to seven and the thicker supreme might take one or two more minutes. And now, with that fancy (Dollar General) pizza peel, remove from the hot stone back to prep table. Slice and Enjoy!

Great menu for a party serving snacks. Everybody can join the fun and make their own. Kids too! Or, on Wednesday night, cause WTH?!

Looks great Rick! I’ve never tried a flour tortilla pizza? In Iowa we were always into taco pizza, but it has a regular pizza crust. We’ll have to give this a try, I think the kids will have fun!
Ya we do weird things here in Iowa! Your pizzas look good! I'm thinking I would like all three.... just stack em up like a sandwich! Almost a deep dish now!

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Thanks all. Last time we made them I got some pineapple and combined with (you guessed it) some of my first batch of Canadian Bacon. That was yummo!
did a quick look and see it’s been discussed a few times
Does not matter if done before , I like seeing it all .
Yep, that appears to be the case on this Forum. Not like some though, where they most definitely remind you that there is a Search feature. This is the friendliest Forum I have been on after many years.

I do use the Search, and usually before asking a question. You get lots more hits that way; ‘hits = ideas’ for tinkerers like us!

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