Military Smokers?

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    Seboke, This thread kind of has a life of it's own now-8 pages long!! No need to "bump" this thread anymore; this thread now has *sticky* status.
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    Up to nine now [​IMG] , It's easy to just check the new posts ( there are a lot of them ) or search for specific meat cuts and the how-to's.
    I don't see a problem with an occasional bump just to keep this thread where new folks can see it and post to it.
  3. U.S. Army Infantry 92 - 94
    2nd ID, 1-506th IR (Scouts) - Camp Greaves, Korea
    82nd AD, 2-505th PIR - Ft. Bragg, NC
    Honorable Discharge
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    A big bunker full of thanks Dutch!
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    I would have served but was medically unable. But I did marry an Army brat. My sister's husband is retired Air Force, his #1 son is retired CSM ( both of his sons are active Army, his #1 daughter is ex-Army serving in the Justice Department, as is her husband, #2 daughter is retired Air Force (her son is active the Air Force). My wife's father was 28 years Army, I'm #1 s-i-l, #2 is retired Navy, #3 is retired Marine GS, #4 is retired Army DI. Her only brother was retired Navy. Along with these great guys, my only uncle was Airforce. There were many more active military folks on both sides of our families. As an over the road truck drive, I often happen to stop at a place where there are military folk dining. By way of saying "Thank you" I like to pay their tab anonymously. My little way of say "Thank you so much for what you have done and what you are doing. Beau in Texas

    ps thank you all for your service, past, present and future!
  6. I guess the obvious question (lol) did you all take up the smoke when they took your big pyro toys away - or before ?
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    US Navy 1985-1989
    Presidential Honor Guard Washington DC 86-88
    Hospital Corpsman NAS Memphis 88-89
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    US Army
    Judge Advocate General's Corp
    1993 - 2003 Active Duty
    2006 - Present Nebraska National Guard
    1CD, 4ID, III Corps Fort Hood, TX
    164th ATC, Yongson, Korea
    1/210 AVN BN, Fort Rucker, Alabama
    2006 - 2007, 734th Trans Battalion, Camp Anaconda, Iraq
    Presently AASF #1 Facility IT, Lincoln, NE
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    US Army 69-71
    Fort Sam Houston - Surgeon General's Corps
    Vietnam - 18th MP Brigade

    We were lucky to have a grill, let alone smoke. LOL

    Vets serve and so does their entire family!

    Our service never ends, and we are proud of that!
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    spam reported
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    retired Navy not to say i'm old but everything i worked on is also RETIRED. with exception ch-53. not to far away i guess. now work on aircraft for the navy in pensacola fl.
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    For those military types, check out this link below. There are now web sites for USMC, Army, Navy, & Air Force. I've been going to the USMC one now for some three years. I have found four women that I was in boot camp with! I don't know you realize how few and far between that would be for women in the Corps! Anyway it's a good way to post where you've been, they have search engines to look for others that were also stationed there at the same time! You can do a basic sign up for nothing, obviously there are enhancements for paying.

    Once at the main page just choose which branch you were in!
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    I did two tours in Iraq while in the Army. During the second tour I made a few connections with some of the flight crew who did med evac transports back to Landstuhl, DE.... I would have my friends or other folks from rear D pick up supplies and drop them off back at the flight line at Ramstein, DE with the med evac crew and a day later we had meat back in Iraq. We made a grill out of an old air compressor..... Made a lot of people happy with all that BBQ, even worked a deal with SF for myself and a couple of my soldiers to go out and use their range when we wanted and get slushies from their chaplins office in exchange for getting them some ribs and brats.
  15. USMC 1961 - 1967
    Fleet Marine Force the entire time.

    Nice to be here and meet you all.

    Carry On!
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    Me....USAF active duty August 72 to Sep 92. #1 son Army Nat Guard 6 yrs. got out, thank God. He was 11 Bravo ground pounder. #2 son USAF active duty 4 yrs. got out. He is now in the Air Force reserve flight engineer, currently deployed. We are all Airframe & Powerplant mechanics working at the Destin airport.
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    I servd in the Army from 1980 to 1983. Spent my entire enlistment at Fort Carson Co.
  18. USN 1960--1964
    Anacostia Navel Air Station,Washington,D.C.
    USS Talahatchie County Naples,Italy
    I was a fire-fighter at both stations
  19. US Navy EN1 99-present
    00-01 USS Harpers Ferry LSD 46
    01-05 USS Tortuga LSD 46
    05-08 EOD Mobile Unit 2
    08-2011 EOD Expeditionary Support Unit 2 (LCU-1647)

    I've done a bunch of deployments, 2 of them in Iraq. My last one as an EOD driver. Being EOD we would get the confiscated weapons. Which we would redistribute to Blackwater, units that worked with the Iraqi army, etc... this earned me lots and lots of things to cook on the grill. Our fave being ribeyes and lobster tails. I also had some locals get me a whole lamb once. here's the pics of my deployment grill I slapped together with some of the Army motor pool guys

    Here's our Plasma

    Our "Backyard"

    Firepit in the "backyard"

    The grill we concocted

    HEHEHEHE.... gotta have essentials for an Iraq Deployment

    The Lamb that was oh so tasty
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    Air Force Security Spe******t

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