MES JMSS (Lowes) vs MES 20078715 (Amazon)?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mummel, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. trizzuth

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    and you love it?  how does the remote control work, any issues? I read in the lowe's reviews that one person said you had to punch in the temp on the remote 4 times before it actually worked on the physical smoker..  does the remote show you the active temp of the smoker too?  window is certainly nice..
  2. brickguy221

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    Here is a late 40" model at Amazon with the vent on top ...

    I had previously contacted Masterbuilt about this model and they said ..."The models 20072612 (Sams) and 20070512 (other retailers) are the exact same model smoker but, for different retailers they have different model numbers. But, there is absolutely no difference between these two smokers. The model 20075315 (Amazon) is also exactly the same design as the other models but, all of the part are replaceable on this model as they are not on the other models. The mother board, wiring and all is now replaceable on this uni-body smoker. Other than the parts being replaceable there is no difference! "
  3. bearcarver

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    I don't even bother trying to figure out the model numbers.

    All I can tell you is the 2 smokers in Post #1 are Gen #2, and the one in post #6 is a Gen #2.5.

    I wouldn't go by what they tell you on the phone.

    The Gen #2 smokers have a full width slanted drip plate with a small water pan hanging in the bottom of that drip plate. (Post #1)

    The Gen #2.5 doesn't have the full width drip plate & small water pan---It has a big water pan & a small slanted drip cover over the chip burner (Post #6)

    This is what I said in Post #7.

    Also the 2 in Post #1 have regular remote controls (Shown in post # 39), and the one in Post #6 has a Bluetooth remote.

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  4. bmaddox

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    I don't use the remote. The batteries don't fit well so if you set it down too hard they disconnect and the smoker turns off. I also don't pay attention to what the MES temp readings are. I go by my Maverick 733.
  5. brickguy221

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    What they told me was an Email and is their exact quote as I copied it and pasted it here. The nos they gave are correct. The one in the link I posted at Amazon is a late model Generation 2 as it has the vent on top, but if you zoom in on the drip plate, you can see it is a sloped plate with water pan on left side like the Generation 2's. The parts are all replaceable in it per Masterbuilt whereas they aren't in the Generation 2's like mine.

    When I made my post with the link, I was only trying to show a pictrue of the late Generation 2 smoker with an explaination and not questioning your post nor trying to contradict what you posted. 
  6. bearcarver

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    I gotta say you got me so confused now with all the different pics & numbers, so All I can say is:

    They have been known to give wrong info on the phone & in Emails, and the only things that I know are right are all the things I said in post #43 above.

    At this point I'm not even sure if you're asking a question, and if so what the question is.

    If you still have a question, ask it & we'll start fresh.

  7. drewed

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    To also confuse the hell out of people, websites may or may not have the correct picture for the correct model.   The web guys don't know the difference between a WSM and ECB.
  8. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Exactly. Many of them use stock pics.

    When I got my MES 40 (5 years ago), Cabelas said they only had the Black ones, and that was what their picture showed.

    My Son was there for other things & he called me and said he was standing there looking at an All SS MES 40 with window & remote----Exactly what I was looking for.

    We went down & got one, and they had 49 more exactly like it in their warehouse. (That was 49 more of the ones they said they didn't have any of!!!)

  9. I was one of the firsts here with a gen2 MES and was on the phone every week talking about one issue or another, well after MES sent me a new controller ( which I waited almost 6 months for) which I am fairly happy with, seems to work better than the original controller. MES was nice enough that they sent me a "cold smoker attachment" that works ( for me really well). Once you get to know the gen2 it is not a big piece of crap that everyone says it is. My take is find a used gen2 and get to know it....THEN decide what to buy. Yah as bear have to cut the brisket in two, and the same with ribs BUT, once you learn the placement of meats inside the smoker (larger towards the bottom, smaller towards the top) my MES gen2 30 inch works for me.
  10. will75

    will75 Fire Starter

    Perfect post bear, i finally decided 2 days ago, this slanted deflector might be the issue with my temps... sure enough while the MES 40 gen 2 is still 15-25 degree's off most of the time  (runs hotter than actually is).  It's not 60+ off like it used to be. removing the slanted pan all together alleviated my "temp" issues
  11. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    That's Great !!  The biggest problem was the right side being so much hotter than the left side.

    I'm glad that made it within the realm of "Quite Usable" for you!![​IMG][​IMG]

  12. heyeph

    heyeph Newbie

    Any updates on who has the Gen2.5 model with the perfected drip tray?  Does the one the JMSS 800 at Lowes have the issue fixed?
  13. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I don't know anything about Lowes Stock numbers, but as far as I know there hasn't been and problems with Gen #2.5 Drip trays.

    The only drip tray problems came with the Gen #2, and that was corrected when the Gen #2.5 was designed.

    Here's more about them:

    About Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse (Digital)

    Masterbuilt Smokers (Bear's Thoughts & Findings)

    MES Generation Number Recognition Pictures & Pics (Digital Units)

  14. heyeph

    heyeph Newbie

    So, even if the Lowes version I see today has an angled tray, it does not have the problem anymore?  Or, are you saying it should look like the rounded one in post #6?
  15. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    If it has a slanted Drip tray in it, that's a problem. (That's a Gen #2)

    Yes it should look like Post #6-----That is a #2.5---The Best one!

    Look at the links I posted above----I explain everything there.

    One link tells you what the problems are.

    The other link tells you how to tell which is which.

  16. heyeph

    heyeph Newbie

    Thanks!  The rounded tray is easy to find in-store.  Hopefully it is shown on the box, as well.  I'm a little confused by the guard over the LED panel.  Is it simply a piece of plastic to block sunlight so it is easier to see the LED panel that is still flush with the surface?
  17. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yes that's all it is, but it is a big help in the Sun.

  18. heyeph

    heyeph Newbie

    The one that was left at my local Lowes had the rectangular, angled drip tray.
  19. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    You left it there, right?

  20. heyeph

    heyeph Newbie

    Yes, and I think I figured out what is going on.  The Gen 2.5 only comes on the units with glass doors.  Does that sound right?  Are you familiar with a non-glass Gen 2.5?  Where is it sold?

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