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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by kbr0125, Jul 5, 2016.

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    The link you show is a late model 2.0 Smoker. On the later models, they moved the exhaust opening from the side to the top. Also in the later models, I "think" all parts are replaceable like the new 2.5 models, whereas the models before it weren't.
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    Is there a big difference between that later model 2.0 at lowes to a 2.5 on amazon?

    Any major improvements that makes it worth it to buy the 2.5?

    Also will the 5x8 a maze pellets smoker fit and work with this late model 2.0
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    The water pan is the main difference. 

    The Maze will work in both.

    If you have a Sams Warehouse nearby, I would opt for the newer 2.5. They are $329 plus they have legs whereas the others don't. I would also get the extended 3 year warranty for $30 since Masterbuilt only has a 90 day warranty.
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    Thanks I'll look at that one. The one from lowes is 280ish before taxes so 50$ cheaper.

    The legs I say would add value. Would you spend 30$ extra for the 2.5 over 2.0? (Figure legs worth 20 extra dollars)
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    Yes, I would spend the extra $30 because the 2.5's work better with their oval water pan and seem to be more problem free. I have had both the 2.0 and 2.5 and the 2.5 wins hands down.
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    Just bought it,

    Had to get a Sams club membership but because of military got a 25$ gift card. I brought It home assembled it, I took everything out and clean it all with warm water.

    What I did to season / burn in.

    1.) Wash inside with warm water only.
    2.) Run at 275 degrees for 4hrs. Very heavy metal smell at the start.
    3.) Wiped it down again after letting it cool down with damp rag with water
    4.) Use vegetable oil spray on rags and do inside
    5.) Start up smoker set to 275
    6.) While it was warming up I started my a maze n pellet smoker. I nuked a rows worth of pellets in microwave on a flat glass plate for 1min, stir then 1 more minute. They were nice and warm. I started them with torch and let burn for 5min then blew out and put in.
    7.) Been smoking for 2.75hrs and looks like another hour left of pellets.

    Inside smoker is a nice golden color and smells amazing compared to metalized smell.

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