MES 40" Gen 2 Electrical odor

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  1. Ok so I bought this unit like 4 months ago from lowes, took ill and didnt use it after putting it together back then. It sat in my dining room for months no issues or odors. This week I did the 3 hr 275 burn off no issues, didn't trip anything ran fine typical burn off odor. I even did an extra hour. All with no smoke as i'm waiting for my AMAZE pellet tray to arrive monday. Ok so now I'm keeping it in my florida room which is a 20x20' coved patio with side walls half up and then open 2x4 farmed windows ie a ton of air flow.  Since its been ran we now notice a strong electrical odor being a past firefighter of many years it concerns me.  Like I said didn't trip the gfi or breaker ran fine, cord wasnt hot etc.  I did notice the top front right and left corners seemed hot to the touch compared to the rest of the box while running. Not hot enough to burn you but enough that after a few seconds you want to take your hand off. Anyone else notice this with theirs? I'm guessing once it gets smoked it prob wont be as noticeable. But being an electrician and former FF i do find any electrical odor of concern.  Sadly can't find my receipt to even return it to lowes nor do I think they will take it with out box.  
  2. Contact masterbuilt and they will help you. Im sure its under warranty only being four months old. 
  3. I'm going to give them a call on Monday was just curious if anyone has noticed it or if it was common on the initial few cooks etc. 
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    You should be very careful with MES as they often fail in ways where fire seems to be a real possibility.

    See this post and dozens like it.

    Given how common failure is I would not operate a MES under a roof.

    Also please be certain your MES is always connected to a GFI.

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  5. Wow I had no clue they had this many issues. I'm goin to push for a refund and look into another brand. If I can't get a refund I'll be opening it up and inspecting it. I didn't want to open anything and risk violating warranty. Thanks so much for that link and info.
  6. Thankfully I just found my receipt and it was purchased on 1/6/16 I thought it was longer then that it thankfully it wasn't. I'm with in 90 days and was smart in that I cut out the upc off the box before I trashed the box. $298.53 damn right I'll be fighting to get that back.
  7. They will most likely give you a return authorization. If you do get a refund and the unit is cheaper now they may not give you the full amount back. I went through this with lowes and the manufacturer of a water heater that failed tank every year. I paid 600 for it. Then years later after many trade in it was around 350.00 
  8. Hopefully since its with in 90 days they should take it back. lets " hope"  I know thats a tough term with some many companies now a days though. Now to start looking for a new elect smoker anyone got some recommendations ?
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    Before you call MES go to Lowes with the smoker and your receipt. If you ask nicely and you get the right clerk at the right time there is a good chance they will give you refund to your credit card or store credit. 

  10. Really wondering if its worth even trying MES again.  I hate making these choices it took me forever to jump on buying this one with having so many other grills/smokers  now its starting all over cant win 
  11. Hey sometimes a bad part can make it into production. There are alot of happy MES owners out there, and alot of unhappy users. 
  12. This is very true, I just didnt research good enough I guess to know they had this electrical issue. Or I should say possible electrical. Off hand for those of you who have been following them longer then I are there more problems with the 30" or 40" or is it about the same?

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