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MES 40 Gen 1 & Beef Jerky...


Joined Mar 11, 2013
I am looking to make some smoked beef jerky and was wondering if this is a good smoker for an inexperienced jerky maker to experiment with? Since it is on sale now I figured I should probably order one.

I read electric smokers are good for jerky since you dont need high heat. Has anyone tried making jerky with this? How were the results?

NOTE: I live in Europe and am coming back to the US around christmas. I would need to buy this and bring it back on the plane so would probably need to pay extra charges etc. In other words, I want to make sure I get the RIGHT smoker since you can hardly find any for sale where I live and I basically need to buy one in the US and bring it here (which is expensive).


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Joined Aug 5, 2013
There are a lot of MES 40 owners here, and they all love the smoker.  The gen 1 is the way to go, I understand, as the gen 2's have some real issues.  The electric smokers work very well with jerky, as they are very good at temperature control.

Will you have a 50 / 60 hz issue with a unit purchased in Europe?  I'm not an electrician, but I thought I read somewhere about the cycle being different between the US and Europe.


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I've had better luck making jerky with a dehydrator..Pretty fool proof.


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Joined May 12, 2013
Hello mlol.  Wayward is correct.  If you buy an electric smoker in the U.S., you will need a converter to make it work.  I may be wrong ( wouldn't be a first ) but I don't think one of those tourist power converters for battery chargers and hair dryers will work.  The smoker will draw too many amps and for too long a period of time.  Also Germany and the U.K. run 220 volts while the U.S. use 110 volts.  There are industrial grade converters available both new and used that would do the job.  There is a company in Germany that sells a pretty good looking cold smoker that should work well for jerky.  That smoker is only good to about 190-195F, so if you want to try cooking a brisket it just isn't quite up to snuff IMHO.  There are other smokers available here in the U.K. and the shipping would be cheaper.  Another option you might think of is to find a U.S. military person kind enough to buy a smoker from the base and present it to you as a Christmas gift ( will leave the details to you ).  
  Let me know if I can help further.  Good luck.

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