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  1. I am aware that prices vary by region, breed and feed, but it would be useful to hear what you all are paying for your cuts.  Do you buy at the grocery, butcher or wholesale?  The former tends to be around £8kg for brisket and £6 for pork.  The cheapest wholesale I have found is brisket to be about £6.49kg and pork £4.45.  Are those prices about right?

  2. Hello Armin.  I may be in the minority here.  NOT MONEY BAGS HERE.  I don't really check the prices on the meats I smoke.  When I chose to smoke meat I buy the best quality I can get.  I don't smoke every piece of meat and going through the lighting the smoker, praying for good weather, etc. is a SLIGHT chore so I want it to be worth the effort.  I usually buy my smoking meats from my local butcher.  He can't compete on price but his quality is EXCEPTIONAL.  Got a fantastic local man.  IF I am doing a pork belly or burgers or poultry I usually just go to the local supermarket.  If poultry for guests or Christmas I go for corn fed and pay more or I go back to my local guy.  Same with all foods.  I don't buy generic unless it is just as good as the big name product.  I also ONLY buy certain brand names because after trying many others, that is the only brand I like.  Some folks look at me funny cause a can of beans is a can of beans, RIGHT?  NO!  If that's the case why not sell the smoker and buy those frozen bags of "pulled pork" and save money and effort?  Just my way; quality over price with certain foods.  Keep Smokin!

  3. Well the wife says I am too freely giving with our family dinners - saving smoked goodies for people at work, at the pub, etc so I am having to buy bigger cuts which can be a bit more painful on the wallet. :biggrin:
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    I have found that rather than the price being the most important factor it is the quality and cut of the meat. The best I have found is a local butcher as they will cut exactly what you want and you can see it "in the flesh" before you hand over your money. Not all butchers are the same though. I went through 2 local butchers before I found the one that was right for me. 

    A couple of hints.

    Cuts of meat like Brisket are generally smaller here than in the USA so give your butcher several days notice and tell him what you are going to do with it. He will be able to look out for a thick one for you and put it to one side. Also ask him not to roll it so you can see exactly what you are getting

    Pork shoulder and leg should also be bought unrolled. The centre of a piece of rolled pork is a place where some butchers like to hide lots of fat. You are likely to smoke it open anyway so it just saves them the bother of tying it up.

    Get to know your butcher and offer them samples. When on the odd occasion they hand over the meat and say "that will be £37.20 - Oh call it £35" then suddenly it does not seem quite so expensive.
  5. Thanks for the tips, Wade.  I am all about quality as well - but certainly I can have my, um, brisket and eat it too.  I have tried at a few butchers, but have not found my match yet [​IMG].  I have noticed that when you get something rolled you never quite know what you will find inside.  
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    That was why I stopped using my most local butcher. The last one I bought from him (before I went elsewhere) was almost 20% lighter once I had trimmed out the big lumps of fat from the centre of the roll. You expect some fat in the shoulder but not that much,
  7. WHAT??  Did someone mention meat and FAT?   Sorry!  I fell asleep for a second.  I am still working on my first heart attack so meat+fat+beer= GOOD!!!  Just my humble opinion.  Keep Smokin!

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    Lol - not when it isn't supposed to be there and is just being used to increase profits.. 
  9. [​IMG]   That's not nice!  Don't blame you for finding another butcher.  Below is what I buy for larger briskets.  I sometimes use the local meat wholesaler.  They are usually pretty good.  Keep Smokin!

  10. Guys, I might have a butcher [​IMG]   My buddy at the pub with whom I trade food for beverages was speaking to the guy when he came in and got his details.  Tomorrow I am going in to assist in butching a front quarter cut of beef to get the exact brisket I want, and similar with the pork!  That way when I reorder they know just how I like it.  Happy days, stay tuned!!
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    "I know this guy down the pub that knows this guy..." That sounds a bit dodgy to me. If he drives you to a field after dark in a plain van and has a couple of guys posted on lookout then get a little suspicious! [​IMG]  
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  12. Now wait a minute Wade.  Good advice on get a little suspicious BUT, given the opportunity SM; GRAB THE MEAT AND RUN!!  Gift horse and all.  [​IMG]   Keep Smokin!

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    [​IMG]+[​IMG]  [​IMG][​IMG]     ..............[​IMG]  
  14. hehehe, made it out alive guys...with a beautiful 10lb trimmed brisket...I think the guy did a pretty good job for his first Texas style trim.  Can't wait till Wednesday...........

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    I love it when a plan comes together  [​IMG]  
  16. Hello.  Glad someone is doing SOMETHING!  Darned rain!

    That ought to do nicely!  What time should I be there Wednesday?  [​IMG]   Be sure to take some smoked brisket back to the butcher.  Next time the quality of the meat will be even better and the price may even be lower.  Keep Smokin!

  17. It's pretty nasty down here as well, but trying this butt today. As long as I have a ball cap I don't mind hopping out in the rain to put another log on.
  18. Hello.  I ACTUALLY has sunshine at the moment but OF COURSE I have commitments today.  Tomorrow is free but rain in forecast AGAIN!  Good luck with the butt.  Keep dry.  Keep Smokin!

  19. Here she is just before 160
  20. Hello.  Great looking hunk o meat.  Nice color.  Glad you got it done considering the rain.  Keep Smokin!


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