MB 1050 Gaskets & Documentation

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Oct 18, 2016
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Back in action after about 2 months of down time with the smoker. Installed the LSS Firebox mod in early Dec and it was a real pain. The factory firebox was so warped and deformed I had to hammer it to hell to get the mod in. First time I fired it up after getting the mod in I smelled acrid smoke, noticed I did some damage to the two gaskets when installing the mod. My mistake - no issues there (except the quality of the MB Gravity build). Upon closer inspection there was fibrous gasket material in the firebox and blowing into the cook chamber. Definitely could not cook like that.

Found a MB1050 parts list online and it indicates the 1050 has two "Hopper gaskets" - one between the charcoal chute and firebox, and another between the firebox and ash bin. They are the same part number best I can tell. I ordered two of them, figuring I'd replace both gaskets. The gasket between the charcoal chute and firebox is much easier to access, so I tried that one first - except the gasket didn't fit, way off.

Figured I'd ordered the wrong part number so emailed service and asked them for support. They confirmed I did order the right part number and that sometimes manufacturing is off, so they were sending me two more gaskets.

Got the second shipment and same problem, the gasket did not fit between the charcoal chute and firebox. I have lavalock there so not too worried about that one, but getting to the gasket between the firebox and ash bin is somewhat of a pain. But I had to try it, if it didn't fit I was going to have to get very creative. Did that today, and when I got the ash bin / fan assembly separated from the firebox the gasket fit perfectly. I breathed a huge sigh of relief, but then got super frustrated again.

MB has the same part number for these two gaskets, but they are not the same - at all - so a big word to the wise - if you need to replace the gasket between the charcoal hopper and the firebox, the "hopper gasket" does not fit.

Finally back up and running today, just in time for wings tomorrow.

On a related note, I now have three extra gaskets for the seal between the firebox and ash bin - if anyone is in need I would be happy to send!
Glad you got it taken care of! Amazing what a hammer fixes lol!

Glad you got it taken care of! Amazing what a hammer fixes lol!

Yeah in this case the hammer got the mod in and damaged the hell out of my gaskets! Should've taken the lower part off... Oh well! Back up now
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