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  1. Here's something that's perplexing me. I'm smoking a turkey breast today and find that as far as the IT probes are concerned, the Maverick and MES are within 4 degrees of each other. Good. However, the box probes are 25 degrees apart. The Maverick is, after a couple hours, finally at 225. The MES, on the other hand, is holding steady at 250, which is what I'm set for. The meat, after a couple hours is at 126, which to me, is probably right on course. I boil tested the Maverick when I got it on Fathers Day. The probe is hung near the front door off chip box side.
    STUCK, (in more ways than one), IN CLEVELAND. ANY IDEAS?
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    I would trust the Mav. The MES set temp is going to go by it's own probe even if it is incorrect, it thinks it's 250* in there when in fact it is probably only 225*. If you want it 250* then turn up the MES 25* and though it will read 275* the Mav should read 250* and that should be the correct chamber temp.
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    The MES sensor is down low in the smoker, on the back wall on mine. I put the Mav smoker probe near the meat, which is usually on the 2nd shelf, or the first.

    The smoker is hotter where the MES sensor is.

    Always trust your Mav, before any therm that comes with any smoker.

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  4. Thanks Dave,
    I follow that line of thinking, but if the Mav is correct, how did we get such a rapid cooking IT on the turkey? It took it 2 hours to read 225. I got an IT of 130, which makes me wonder....did the turkey cook that fast at under 200 box temp? I don't know, as I'm certainly not a chef.:grilling_smilie:
  5. I must admit, I've seen more appealing breasts than this in my day, but it ain't too shabby... :)
    I just ended up going by IT and to heck with anything else . Worked out fine.
    Thanx all, appreciate the input.
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    Put them an inch apart and let them fight it out. 


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