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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by wklkjn, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. wklkjn

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    I'm new to the forum this week, but I did something to improve my Masterbuilt smoker that I wanted to share it with you.

    I looked at a post somewhere that showed all kinds of stips of aluminum foil needed to cover the opening in the wood pan to stop the wood from starting on fire.

    I've been using the cast iron pan method.

    It works perfect, but as everyone knows, it really makes it difficult to put 'new' wood chips into the pan in the middle of a smoke.

    All I did was take a hammer to the 3 raised pieces of sheet metal and flatten them down onto the pan surface.

    Not only does it close off the air slots, but it also allows the cast iron pan to sit lower in the pan, allowing for  more access to add wood.

    Check out the photos.

    It took all of 2 minutes to do.

    I was careful when pounding it that I didn't bend or damage the 3 fragile legs under the bottom of the fire pan.

    I suspect that if I really focused on flattening it even better, I wouldn't even need the cast iron pan.  I might try that next.

    Thanks, hope this helps.


  2. smokeymose

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    Good idea, Wayne! I filled my factory pan with lava rock to break up the flames and the cast pan just sat on top of that.

    After a season and a half, though, the flimsy sheet metal pan petty much burned up. The lava rock may have hastened it along. I don't know. Luckily our welder likes a project and made me a new one out of heavier sheet steel. He couldn't even patch it because it was too flimsy. Maybe your idea will last longer.

    By the way, I don't know if yours is the 2 door model, but I just took the cast pan out the bottom door to add chips and put it back in. It takes a serious glove but only takes a few seconds and you don't lose much heat.

  3. wklkjn

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    I was just looking at a post of someone with a Master built smoker with photos and I think I may have made a mistake!

    I remember reading where someone said to throw out the sheet metal steel water pan and replace it with a Weber aluminum-foil disposable pan that fits perfectly.

    Well, I found a small aluminum-foil shaped pan sold by Weber that fits into the wire opening that the original pan sat in, but if I'm seeing it right, there's a much larger aluminum foil pan that spans across the whole area and slides into the side rails where the wire racks slide in an out.

    Are the aluminum foil pans this big strong enough to hold water with only being held on the sides like that?

  4. smokeymose

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    Yeah, the sheet metal pan is too small and starts to rust eventually. I used aluminum pans that were just a little big and sort of squished them down into the holder and they worked. That being said, after a couple times of that, I just sat the pan on the lowest rack. That still gave me 3 racks above for food.


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