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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by fireman6x9, Jan 16, 2016.

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    I am a first time smoker. I have tried smoking meat on my propane grill (only whole chickens), but don't feel it's the same as a smoker. I have been looking at the Masterbuilt Dual fuel pro 2 door propane smoker. I have read most of the modifications to it to include; filling in the door gap with some silicone to create a seal, upgrading the chip tray, upgrading the water pan and some needle valves. I'm perfectly fine with that. My question is; can you fit a full rack of ribs on a tray? I have heard of other smokers where you either have to cut one or two ribs off the rack to make them fit, or bend them and would prefer not to do that. Is this something I should be worried about? I want to start with some ribs then move on to some pork shoulders and finally my goal is to smoke some brisket. Am I on the right track to a smoker that would be the best fit for me? 
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    Depends on how big the rack of ribs are. I have had to cut some on my Dual Pro, but I also use the stand up rib racks as I like the cook much better. It has a lot of room to do the other things you mention unless you are cooking for the masses :drool.

    I think mine is about 30 inches square, and I believe the other Masterbuilt is 40 inches, but think it is a single door unit..
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    I generally have to cut them.  I definitely recommend the masterbuilt dual fuel.  You have to modify the chip pan, I simply took the water pan and placed it on the burner and put the wood in there which worked great.  I then use half size hotel pans for the water pans.

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