Master Forge 36” bullet charcoal smoker mods and instructions with Q-view

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Oct 27, 2012
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[h1]Master Forge 36-in H x 20.25-in W 376-sq in Baked Enamel Green Charcoal Vertical Smoker     $59.00[/h1]
Let’s start at the bottom pan. See the hole. 
This needs two mods. 1. Drill a 1 ½ “ hole in the  side in between two of the clamps.  2. Close off the hole in the bottom.

Now on to the ash pan.  You need to raise the coal off the pan at least ½”  for lump and at least 1” for briquettes.  I used a mesh I got at lowes.  It is in the concrete area and is used for stucco and cut and made this.  You can cut this with scissors.

  Push it in.
This is how I load the pan.  I would have used more wood if I was doing a longer smoke but for this show I left them out.   I fill the pan this much.  I then pull out a pocket of the lump and put it in the chimney.  Not much.  Less than ¼ full.  About two cups worth.

  This is the only white smoke I want to see.

Fill the water pan to about a inch from the top with sand or stones and cover with foil.
Put together and let warm up.  
The therm in the top on both of my Master Forge smokers are right on with the mav in a 212* water or 32* water test.  So I trust them and watch them.

When adjusting the vent 1/16” or 1/32” movement is all that’s needed and then wait 10-15 minutes to see where it settles.  Don’t try to correct every temp swing with the vent or that’s all you will be doing.  Be patient and let the smoker do its thing.  I try to keep it 225-235 and wherever it settles at is fine.  

Vent wide open.   12:08 
Close vent ½ way. 12:15
I drilled a hole and put a rubber gasket for probes. 12:20
Close the vent some more and let it start to settle in.   12:30
12:40   Nice smoke.
1:00 and it’s time to put the food in.  What food?  A fattie.  
Breakfast sausage, Some ribs chopped up spread over all, Some pickled sweet peppers, BBQ sauce on half.
Rolled up. 
Precooked bacon over the top.  
Into the smoker.   1:10
1;12   1:40
2:15   2:45
3:00:    3:30
4:00   4:25 Took the fattie out. 
  When I pull the food out I take the body off the base and close the vent and set the top on the base. 

An hour later the fire is out and cold.  This can be used in the next cook.

I did add a Webber style vent in the top and if you want to then go ahead but I have found that when hot smoking I don’t need it and added foil to seal it.  When cold smoking cheese I open one or two holes worth so the smoke flows over the cheese rather than letting the cheese sit in smoke.

The best thing about this smoker is that it is exactly the same as this one.
But is Charcoal and the red one is electric.  I can start a PP smoke with the charcoal smoker then before bed I can just lift it and set it on the electric base add the PID therm set the PID and go to bed.  The maverick will tell me of problems and when it gets to the finish temp.

I know Master Forge smokers are cheap but I feel they work as good as any other more expensive ones.  It just takes time to figure out your smoker and have good smokes.

Awesome Mods. I like the little basket you made. Thumbs Up
Awesome Mods. I like the little basket you made.
Thank you Brian,  The expanded metal from lowes is like $6.00 a 3'x6' sheet.  Its steel and will rust but takes the heat well and I have yet to have any melt.

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