Marianski's site has updated some recipes to P.G.I. regulations

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Thanks Keith. Glad to see this. Was bummed this info was not in the yellow book.
There are over 1000 dried meat products in Italy. Most are regional and not widely known. Much harder finding info on a salami if it does not have P.G.I. status.
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zwiller zwiller : if you are going to make that recipe-do not use that much ground clove or cinnamon. Those spices are meant to steep in the wine and filtered out for an infusion. If you use that much ground clove and cinnamon in the meat paste, I guarantee it'll be too much. Use the same amount of whole cloves in grams and break of a peice of cinnamon and weigh it.
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Excited as I am HUGE fan of chili powders. GREAT info on the cinnamon and clove. THANKS. White pepper and not black right?

This is what I got.

Unless the recipe specifically states to use white pepper, it generally means to use black.

Tutto Calabria is a well trusted brand.
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