Making pork rind cracklins

Discussion in 'Pork' started by rich-, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. I have the rind from a recent pork belly that I made into belly bacon.

    Right now I have the rind in a pot of water and it has been boiling now for approx. 50 minutes. I have read other posts that suggest to boil the rind, then scrape the fat off and then deep fry them, after being cut into smaller pieces.

    My question is can some one tell me how long I should boil the rinds before I scrape the fat off?

    Thanks Rich-
  2. geerock

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    We do it by putting enough water in to just about cover the pieces. We cut them into about 1 inch squares. Keep the fire hot and it will render the fat and evaporate the water and then you will be frying in thier own fat after the water is gone. One pot set up. Make them golden brown and let them cool and eat them until you feel like your heart is gonna stop. Damn, I haven't made those in a while...... looks like its time.
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  3. Thanks, since I have already boiled them for an hour, I went ahead and pulled them from the water, let them cool and then the fat scraped off quite good.

    I am no going to try deep frying them

  4. squirrel

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    I make these a good bit. I boil them, scrape them and then dehydrate them before frying. I know you've already boiled yours, but for future reference you should (if you didn't) salt your water really well to flavor the skins. Here's some I've done:

    After they have been dehydrated - these are huge.

    This is a regular sized pulled pork sammie. Heheheeeeeeee........ Go big or go home!!

  5. Thanks for the info Squirrl,

    Well its to late for this batch, For the most part I have already destroyed them.

    I put them in the deep fryer right after I scraped them, they either came out spongy or so hard they couldn't be chewed.

    Will use your method with the next batch.

    Thanks Rich-
  6. bubba watson

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    I have the skin from a picnic I am brining for ham. Squirrel, yours look like what I want to make so how long do you dehydrate? 

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