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  1. What's better than eating BBQ and making new friends....I had an opportunity to judge the Mohegan Sun BBQ contest and met some great folks

  2. So how was it being a judge. I have not had that opportunity.
  3. Very cool. It was my 2nd contest to date, I signed up for 2 more this year. The reason I originally did it was my son and I want to compete and I wanted to know what to expect. The food is pretty much amazing, I have had a couple of poor entries like rubbery skin on chicken or mushy over cooked pork. If you get a chance take the class, I think it was around $35 and just like that you are certified. The other thing is that after judging go around and talk with the teams, what a great bunch of guys who really don't mind sharing information.

    Good luck

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    Sounds like something we could all benefit from.

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    That would be a class I would be there really early. Sounds cool. 35 bucks ain't that much. I would take the class.
  6. Go on the KCBS website and there is info there as to when & where the classes are being held.

    I never expected an opportunity to meet Myron, that was the cherry on top!
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    Thanks. Went to site and found when and where for Michigan. Its a bummer as Its too far for me but I hope one might be closer next time. Or I'll just tell my girlfriend were going on vacation and show up there. LOL. Here's the next one going on in Michigan. Anyone else interested in it.

    Certified BBQ Judging Class
    July 28th 2016

  8. That is great man. I have competed a couple of times and have wanted to take the class. Just have not been able to make it as there have not been any classes close enough to me. Hopefully one of these days I will make it.

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