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  1. i can get some nice ones here, but even broke down, their 4ft long or so. plus wife already has 4 bags for checked luggage. no way for me to get a good saltwater pole over on the plane. found out yesterday that bro inlaw is in manila now doing some work for his former employer so going to try to get him over to true value to get those chips so i don't have to worry bout it when i land. i don't remember seeing any when i was in CDO, but i've never been a fisherman either. Figured i'd try it out since im going to be spittin distance from the ocean. Just going to leave rod/reel for inlaws after i leave. So with that in mind, scored a used penn 320gti off ebay for $25. The reviews i got on it all said it was a great real so i went ahead and bid. Luck had it, I won. Now gotta find a rod for it. Thought a collapsable rod from walmart, but am VERY hesitant. If I lived in maimi fl and the walmart were there, i'd be a bit more inclined to get one. too far out in po-dunk nowhere here to get what **appears** to be a saltwater pole. Wife is going to check with ace in CDO, also going to have her inquire at true value in Manila. 

    Don't have to convince me about *some* of that chinese stuff. The pitsburgh brand wrenches that harbor freight sell here have been holding up better than my stanley's and craftsmans at a fraction of the cost. Just got 2 screwdrivers at HF for a buck a piece. Comparing them to the stanleys I just bought at walmart, all i can say is the stanleys are going back for a refund. Amazing at how good *****SOME****** of the quality is. Others are still typical garbage. 
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    Yikes... Its official i am a complete idiot. For the past two months i have been operating under the assumption that this week was holy week... making plans and all kinds of stuff... formed all around the question i asked wifey, when is holy week, she said right after her bday, her bday was yesterday... Have had numerous conversations with her since then regarding plans for this week, closing her parlor and repainting, ordering and installing new signs for her parlor... when to take the truck in for maintenance... etc... until two days ago i was still asking if people wanted to work thursday and friday to repaint the parlor... then someone said holy week is the end of the month... messaged wife.. when is holy week, "end of this month." .... Ugh... she even went on to add i told you it was right after my birthday.... again, her birthday was yesterday.... So my apologies if anything i have put out there on this site referenced holy week being this week...
  3. aint no biggie on holy week man, its all good. bro inlaw is going to a truevalue today (your time) and picking up a bag of mesquite. gonna get ol lady on phone with another one or 2 to see if she can get hickory & apple located. the one she called at 3am my time only had mesquite. in your defense though, it is *right* after her birthday. my wifes too, her's was the 11th. then a week or so after easter is my youngest birthday. so we're going to celebrate easter and a birthday over there. Gonna be great.
  4. Ms Cha,

    How many Kilos do I receive for P85? My wife is coming back to PH in August or September to oversee the finishing of the addition/remodeling of our house. I really hope to be moved over by the new year or shortly after. Do you have little chips or are they chunks? 



    a.K.a. junkcollector
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    Pleas Do tell your source of Mesquite, Apple wood and White Oak and if you know of a source of Hickory Live in Ozamis, About 4 hours to your west, and can not find any decent wood for Smoking meat. I will gladly pay for quality  Smoking Logs, I can Chip myself.
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    Hey Joe,

    check out true value hardware, the cost is higher than you were probably thinking, but you can get already chunked stuff there, they have tabasco white oak chips also that give a little kick if you like.  If you are looking for a much larger batch of wood, i think you may check or something like that which deals in large imports of pretty much anything.  That being said my local true value is presently out of stock of my chunks and i need to go on a search for some more even though i still have stocks.  there are some companies who ship to here also but the shipping cost for that is kinda outrageous, it might be a good idea to have it shipped to a friend in the states and when you go back for a visit to toss it in a balikbayan box or something i dont know i haven't tried that yet.  but if you are looking for cheap, high quality wood, good luck, i haven't really found any. 
  7. smokensweet

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    Thanks for the inquiry from Erick de Guzman via text... I hope you enjoy the bacon and let me know if you prefer the thin or thick sliced. 
  8. randy ifi

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    Where in the Philippines are you located at? Are you selling your bacon in any of the food retail shops? Please send me a text message of your contact number because I'm interested in starting a food venture. Thanks!

    Randy Ifurung  +63 916-232-4734

                             [email protected]
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    you wouldn't know anyone who is selling their fruit or nut trees would you? preferably mango?
  10. eattruth

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    also, I have been reading, and I found out that there are some species of oak in the Philippines. If anyone has any knowledge on that, it would be much obliged. 
  11. eattruth

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    do you guys know where to get a good bbq thermometer? I cant seem to find one and my new smoker is almost done. I am in Laguna area. one jeepnee away from alabang. 
  12. eattruth

    are you wanting a stick and leave old school thermometer, or a remote probe thermometer. I'm currently in Tennessee but I'm packing my stuff to move to CDO. We arrive there in Manila the 27th. if you want to order one here, i'll thow it in my stuff and ring it to you.

  13. eattruth

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    I have a probe thermometer with a timer for when the meat reaches the right temp. but i am lookin for a stick and leave. If you could bring one, that would be great. I was reading that a candy thermometer is used sometimes, so I picked up one of those the other day. 
  14. wish i'd seen this post 5 hours ago. i stuck the last 4 i had on the shelf into a lbc box too be shipped. NOOO WAY am i going to cut it open and attempt to locate them. i'll see if i can pick up a extra  or 2 and throw in my checked bags. are in manila area? 
  15. eattruth

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    I am mostly in Laguna, but manila is just a bus away. 
  16. i'll shoot ya a message when i get to manila. gonna be there for a few day but going to be running like a cat on a wood stove. 
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  17. marjorie li

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    hi anyone knows where i can buy some wood chips here in quezon city or manila?

    coz im gonna try stove top smoking :D 
  18. Marjorie, above, post #57, true value hardware. the ones i got last year were mesquite (very heavy smoke flavor) chunks. i believe you will have to split them down into smaller pieces to use them on a stove top. 
  19. marjorie li

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    thank you very much , ill try to smoke meats soon :D  
  20. Marjorie,

    Your welcome. Glad I can help. If you haven't smoked on a stovetop before, I'd suggest doing some quick searches for stovetop smoking. Lots of good reading out there that will make a successful smoke. i'll send you a private message with a link.

    when you get a chance, please stop in the *roll call* section and introduce yourself. Lots of VERY helpful folks on here that'd be glad to meet ya.. If you can't find the answer to a question searching, throw up a question.

    Welcome aboard.


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