Made Brats with Hi Mountain Kit. Can I freeze raw sausage that has the cure in it?

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Jan 18, 2013
Hi all.  I made a batch of venison/pork (50/50) brats with the Hi Mountain Brat kit and stuffed the casings.  I added the cure that came with the kit because I planned on smoking them tomorrow.  But now we are getting hit hard with snow and I'm thinking about freezing them raw and just thawing/grilling them when I want to eat them. 

So my question is can I do this?  Is it safe to freeze uncooked sausage that has the cure in it, then just thaw and grill when I'm ready to eat them?

Thanks for your help.
The stuffed brats will be fine in the refer for a few days... then smoke them... Or freeze like any other sausage..... Or poach to cook and freeze.... be sure to mark them RAW or COOKED or something so you will know later what you have....
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Thank you for the reply. I just wanted to make sure I could freeze them raw and cook them at a later date and eat without worrying about the cure making me sick or anything.
Great tip about labeling them "uncooked". ;)
Dave has you covered good luck with this next storm, where you located, can you update you area in you profile so in later posts we can help you even more.


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