Mac-N-Cheese supper

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Heck yeah, Chris!! Is mac-n-cheese one of the food groups?
Thank you Charles, and yes I do believe it's one of the food groups.

Nice! That would make a great winter comfort meal
Appreciate it Ishi, It's starting to get cold here. Overnight temps are in the 30's. So it's time to break out the comfort food.

Looks very tasty Chris... Yum!
Thanks John, The next-dayers get a shot or two of hot sauce. Gotta get the change of pace in there.
Wow, I will keep that in mind, very nice gesture and much appreciated. Ya never know.
No problem Edge, although be very weary of our roads. Allot of folks bend their rims in the pot holes.

Looks gooood sir
Many times I make a side, a main ,
and I'm good with that also, lol


Thank you David, Another good pasta variation is Fried spaghetti in a butter and cheese sauce.

Bacon Mac & Cheese Pizza is a thing!!!!! You NEED to try it!

Sounds great Civil, Is it just the MnC on a pizza crust or is there more to it? I'll do a forum search to see if I can find examples. Thanks for the heads up. I love pizza.

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That looks fantastic !! I could eat a bowl or 4 easily ! :emoji_thumbsup:
Many thanks Jax. It seems no matter how much you make. It's never enough.

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Here you go, a brisket version and the original version at the end of the thread. The bacon on top crisps up and becomes very tasty....
That looks fantastic Civil. I can see myself rustling up a pie like that in the near future. Bonus I do have some leftover brisket slices sitting in a deep freeze that I could use, but I'd have to come up with a substitute for the brisket butter. Thanks again.

I think both Mona and I would be up for that , lots of cracked pepper
Sounds very good ( maybe some fried onions also )

Appreciate it Dave. Whenever we cook spaghetti I always pull some of the cooked noodles for frying the next day before it's mixed in with the sauce. Pepper is a must and onions would be a fabulous addition.

That looks awesome Chris . Nice technique too .
Appreciate it Rich, It's the best way I know of to get creamy MnC without using Valveeta.

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Well I had a nothing planned for supper the other day. So I searched the fridge and pantry for some grub that we had on hand. Low and behold I found the fixings for some mac-n-cheese. I'm putting this in the side items forum, because it's normally - well a side. This ones is juiced up a bit to make it more of a supper. Enough jibber-jabbering. Lets get to the eats.

Starting out with some cheddar and Gouda:

View attachment 645078

Freshly shredded:
View attachment 645079

Bacon and Kielbasa:

View attachment 645083

After the bacon is cooked the Kielbasa goes in:

View attachment 645084

All cooked up and waiting their turn:

View attachment 645085

Roux is made with equal parts butter and flour. One pint of heavy cream, and a cup of whole milk. The milk is added slowly and if more is needed then add more.
Slowly add and stir in the grated cheese:

View attachment 645086

Next stir in the al dente mini-shells:

View attachment 645087

Now add the bacon crumbles and kielbasa:

View attachment 645088

Slowly stir to combine. Hint: I also added some of the bacon juice for some extra flavor:

View attachment 645089

Spread into an appropriately sized casserole dish and bake at 350* until cheese is bubbling and turning a golden brown:
View attachment 645091

Money shot:
View attachment 645092

Thanks for taking a look

Looks great to me I think it is on my Sunday supper plans with smoked Turkey
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Looks great to me I think it is on my Sunday supper plans with smoked Turkey
Appreciate Richie, Ummm smoked turkey sounds really good.

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