Louisiana Grill C5450 temp drop

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by d33r36433n, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. d33r36433n

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    So, haven't had this grill very long. But having issues with this thing staying at the set temperature. Will set it at 200F and will cook there for a while, evidently the fire will go out in the pot and it will cool off to about 105F and relight it's self. And go back up to 200F again. If I set it at 200F it should say there until it runs out of pellets correct? Any reasons on what would make it do that?
  2. westby

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    Sounds like you may be starving it for pellets.  It may need a auger speed adjustment.  I would call their customer service, describe to them the problem and let them walk you through the adjustments to be made.
  3. yahoot

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    I have one of those smokers. That Louisiana doesn't have an independent feed control, so you can only set temp, Iunless yours is an older analog model - then you just set a dial).

    However, louisiana's also don't relight automatically if the fire goes out. They just go out and throw an error code. Only way to trigger the "light" function is to push the start button - then it goes through the whole start up cycle.

    My suggestion: first, make sure you are cleaning ash out after every use. Ash buildup can be an issue. Second, check that your pellets are good (not gone back to powder). Third, inspect that your pellets are feeding properly (push "prime" and see that pellets are feeding). If those are all good, you probably have a controller problem. Call Danson. Great service.

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