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Looking for tips for wagyu brisket


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Hello, folks.  Today I am looking for tips for my first wagyu brisket.  I am fairly experienced in cooking brisket (usually about 1 packer every 4-6 weeks) but have only worked with choice cuts.  Earlier this week I ordered my first wagyu brisket (snake river farms) and want to ensure that I don't mess it up.  I will be cooking it on a kamado joe (very similar to a BGE if you are not familiar). My initial though is white oak and hickory at a 225ish grate temp to 190 internal temp, but I'm deferring to those of you who have cooked wagyu before.  Does anyone with experience with wagyu beef have any tips or suggestions?


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I have no experience with Wagyu beef.... only what I've seen on TV.....

From what I've watched, I would cook it to 130 ish.... do a taste/tender test and then determine what to do with it.. Go lightly on the spices... maybe salt only as to not interfere with the flavor...
The brisket has to be expensive... probably well over $150....... I'd hate to treat it as a select or choice cut only to find out I had an expensive cut turned to mush due to all the marbeling....
After the test, determine what spices and temps you need to go to, if anything else needs to be done at all.....
It should be tender.... from what I've seen, the cows stand around all day in a pen, get fed beer and are massaged by their servants.....

There you go.... a completely inexperienced opinion.....
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Here is a 5 lb brisket I did a few weeks ago. Not sure which is the point or the flat so I will refer to it as the top and bottom. Did salt, pepper and garlic. Cooked to 135. The top was tender delicious.  

The bottom was cooked a little more than I wanted, more medium. It tasted good but was more chewy. If it had been rarer I would have sliced it thinner and ate it.  Put the bottom back in and took it to 200 and it probed easy. It was tender, juicy and tasty.

Next time I will stop at 130 and try to cook it more evenly.

Good luck with yours. Hope the brisket pros stop by and tell me which is the point and the flat.

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