looking for some advice on how to smoke . I've been told Texans haven't met a bad Kyle help me out

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mn smoken

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Nov 30, 2013
Bloomington Mn
Hey guys I'm going to smoke up some beef ribs for my Christmas Eve dinner. I have a son that works on the railroad that is stationed in Texas. He tells me there's nothing better than a Texas smokin barbecue any advice on beef ribs. On Rubb what kind would be used to smoke.

Rolf. I'm told A Texan hasn't met a cow he did not like.
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Mn smoken, for beef I like to keep it simple. I go with a rub down with Worchestershire sauce followed by Montreal Steak Seasoning or fresh course ground black pepper and kosher salt. For wood I'd go with hickory but if you like the flavor you can go with mesquite. It can get a bit harsh tasting, so I use it only until the meat hits 160° or for the first 3 hours and just continue with whatever wood you are using for heat-for me that's mostly white oak.
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That's basically what I did.. I first mayor nated lightly with teriyaki. Then I use coarse ground sea salt. Then I used ground garlic power. Onion powder a little cayenne some Montreal steak rub some famous Dave's rib rub and then lightly coated with Jamaican jerk sauce and a final touch with sweet baby Ray's barbecue sauce going to marinate them for 16 hours before cooking and use Jack Daniels oak chips. Let me know what you think how does this sound
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Welcome Mn,  around here the Beef ribs they put out are trimmed pretty close to the bone. Be sure and look them over good or get you butcher to cut you some with a good amount of meat left on. Nothing more aggravating than spending all that time and only getting a couple of bites. As far as prep. What ever you like for seasoning, then low and slow. Hickory is great for Beef make sure your wood is seasoned , don't want to use green hickory, very bitter after taste .

Good luck

Hey Gary thanks a lot I am using some birch and apple put them on at about 11 a.m. cooking in about to 220° and getting most of the heat from propane assist I marinated them for 38 hr and rubbed with rosemary thyme garlic powder onion powder some kind and ground pepper ground sea salt and of course a little bit of Famous Daves rib rub and then put some teriyaki sauce where Chester sauce and some Jamaican jerk sauce that's what the marinated in in the refrigerator covered up with 10 for oil for 38 hours. When they're done I'll post some pictures cooking in a 50/50 professional growth chart griller smoker with fireside box
Mn, hope you found some good meaty ribs. If your son really likes Texas style ribs, here goes, don't want to step on anybody's toes or offend anyone. I use salt & pepper and a little rub, that's it. Most of the BBQ places around here that do Beef ribs do it that way also. You want to taste a little seasoning in the bark, a good mild smoky flavor and be able to taste the beef. I realize different parts of the country as with people the taste vary. But if he is wanting Texas style beef ribs that's it. Pretty simple, no marinade no injecting no special jerk seasoning no rosemary or thyme.

I smoke mine at 225 for around 5 to 6 hours, I spritz every so often to keep them moist, using either apple juice or 50/50 apple cider vinegar and apple juice, some people just use water, When they are done I wrap them in foil and a couple old towels and let them sit for a while. The juice will re-distribute and you will have tender moist Texas style ribs.

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