Looking for grinder/mixer parts

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Jan 10, 2010
So I just found a 20 quart floor standing mixer on Craigslist for $40.  I picked it up (and nearly threw out my back) and now I'm trying to track down parts to add functionality.

The biggest thing that I want to do is add a grinder head to it.  The mixer is a G.S. Blakeslee 20 quart mixer, and it looks like it's from the 40's.  I've scoured the internet for about an hour searching and have come up relatively empty-handed.  I know Hobart grinder heads are supposed to be relatively standard, but one thing I noticed on this grinder vs my little LEM and my KitchenAid grinder is that the rotation is opposite.

My LEM grinder and my KitchenAid grinder both rotate counter-clockwise.  The PTO on the mixer rotates clockwise (when looking at it).  I don't have a hobart grinder head to look at, so I can't compare, and I can't tell from the photos I've found.

Does anyone have any idea where a good resource would be for something like this?  The model number (from what I can tell) is L-20, but that's about all the information that I can find.

I saw their site, and I found a few places that offer Blakeslee grinder heads, but they're at quite a price premium.

I also figured out that someone had wired the motor backwards at some point in time.  The beater was rotating the wrong way, as was the PTO, so the PTO now spins counter-clockwise as you're looking at it.

Does anyone have dimensions for what a Hobart #12 power hub is supposed to be?  I'm imagining that this is probably the same size, but before I drop a few hundred bucks on an attachment, I'd like to know that it will fit.
So I got my grinder setup done, now I'm looking for additional mixing parts for this mixer.  I'd especially like to find a dough hook or paddle to mix sausage.  I've been looking all over, but I can't find the appropriate connector for this mixer.  Anyone familiar with this connection type on a mixer?
Just an update - talked to G.S. Blakeslee directly - this mixer was apparently manufactured in 1947.  They claim it's a "Model 20" (even though the tag says L-20) and that they don't have any parts for it.  Not suprising really, given that it's older than me and most of my friends, but still disappointing.  Planning on using it as a grinding head and nothing more - still can't really beat it for the price.  If I happen to ever come across a dough hook or paddle for it, it'll work for mixing sausage, but for now I'll probably plan on getting an LEM mixer or something similar.
My suggestion to you is.....anything can be manufactured...My buddy refurbishes old wood working machines from the early 20's (and older) sometimes he needs to have parts custom machined or cast.
I'm looking at having a bronze dough hook made, but without having a pattern it's a little difficult (and expensive).  I'm half tempted to sell it and recoup enough to have half the cost of a used hobart.
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