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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by chuckerg, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. I have the MES 30 and love about everything to do with it except the size. the 40 is bigger but not by much. I plan on doing a few larger beef briskets and pork loins this summer and there is just no way the will fit any recommendations?
  2. That depends on whether you want a bigger electric smoker or are willing to go with a charcoal smoker. I don't know if they make an electric much bigger than the MES 40. For large capacity, it's hard to beat a charcoal smoker with an offset firebox. The Char-broil Longhorn is an example of a decent one that wouldnt break the bank.
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    I bought a pellet grill and really like it, a lot ! Just my 2 cents !
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    I would say that if you want to stay with an electric the Cajun Injector dual door is a large electric that has worked well for me for several years. I have done tons of smokes on it and it has served me well. For the last year though I have tended to use it less and now it mostly is used to do all of my fish.

    The smoker that I tend to use the most in the last year is a WSM 22.5" charcoal smoker. It was only $399.00 (about the cost of the Cajun Injector) I love this thing for many reasons. Great results at a very reasonable price. 

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