looking for a good tried and true smokie recipe

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Feb 3, 2009
I got a bunch of venison to use up and am looking for a great recipe from anyone.

I tried quite a few spice mixes pre packed,some good, some not so good...looking for any help...they will be cured and smoked in case anyone was wondering

I like for camping and sitting around the fire pit with a cold beer

Thanks in advance

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i made this up with 50 / 50 moose and pork with about 20% pork fat. also added some high temp cheese. everyone that has tried them were very impressed. ive been working on different sausage recipes for roasting at the river during the fishing season that is coming up !!!

Smokie Recipe:

use 10 lbs of meat - any combination

Grind meat in 3/16 grinder plate once

Mix up - 2 C Soya Protein Concentrate

             1 T Ground White Pepper

             1 T Mace

             1 t Ground Ginger

             1 T Ground Nutmeg

             5 T Salt

             2 t Insta Cure ( Pink Salt )

Blend in - 3 C Whole Milk - Ice Cold

               3 Large Eggs

Mix in seasoning and let stand in fridge for 24 hours or overnight

If you want cheese smokies - add 1 lb of your favorite cheese.

Stuff in your favorite casing - I use a #29  ( I said 26 in the Q-view - my mistake )

Bring internal temp to 160 then take out and spray with ice cold water until it reaches 100.  Then let hang at room temp for one hour or so to let it bloom.

i replaced the soy protein with non fat milk powder !!!!!


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