Looking for à line of smoker's and grills to sell

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eastside, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. I am expanding my shop so a am looking for moderate price smoker/grill line. I have talked to masterbuilt.Any recomendations?
  2. johgre078

    johgre078 Smoke Blower

    I'm very happy with my smoke hollow. You might consider them also.

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  3. jaxrmrjmr

    jaxrmrjmr Smoking Fanatic

    I live in a warm climate (north Florida) so insulation is not a factor for me.  I have 44" Smoke Hollow propane smoker and love it.
  4. I love my MAK with wifi. If people want to be able to not be tied to baby setting their cook. A local deal has gone to this and a cheap one.
  5. ristau5741

    ristau5741 Meat Mopper

    hopefully something that the big box stores don't carry, nor the mega-lo-mart's either, too much competition. Big Green egg come to mind, check out the web site,  they are looking for dealers, you can look up existing dealers to see if there is a market in your area,  I see SC has 8 dealers  3 on the coast, 4 up in Spartanburg,  most of the state is without a local dealer, if you are in one of those area's (e.g Florence, Sumter, Columbia) it could be a profitable venture. What do you consider a moderate price?

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