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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by arlis, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. arlis

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    Ok guys, I am sure this question has been asked 1,000 times but I have pretty well made my mind up just would like some opinions from some owners to drive it home.  I am looking for a new smoker (gas) I have just got into smoking about 6 months ago and have been using my grill as a smoker for about 4 months (does pretty well actually but its time to graduate up lol).  I normally smoke for the family and small parties at the home so between 4 to 10 people will be all I am cooking for at one time.  I really don't need a huge smoker and I am looking to keep the price range low as well (more money for meat).  I really like the looks of the Masterbuilt Dual Fuel Smoker, I can get it from Home Depot for $179.  All the reviews are great on it.  Any of you guys have and use this one?  Pros and cons, etc.  How is it for space?  Any suggestions or opinions are welcome. 
  2. atomicsmoke

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    Good smoker for the money. You won't cook the whole barn but will serve you well for family meals and small gatherings.

    You will need a cast iron pan for the wood chunks. Look up the mods for this smoker in these forums.
  3. arlis

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    Thanks for the advise Atomic, never thought about searching the mods.  I read thru the reviews on here about the smoker as well as on Home Depot website and they are all basically the same.  I will mainly use it as a gas smoker but I really like the option of using charcoal as well. 
  4. I too am a new masterbuilt owner.  I read all the recommended mods, and agree that you MUST use a cast iron skillet. 

    I tried it mine twice twice using the factory-supplied pan (once chipes, once lumps) and found it to be nearly unworkable.  Since adding thr skillet, it smokes like a charm.

    I also agree about using sa dual read thermometer - temp is the key (as most will agree)

    I havent had the leaking door issue that some complain of, and havent had problems with the water tray - I use a 2 QT, long spout, metal watering can to fill tray if/when needed.

    Good luck
  5. arlis

    arlis Newbie

    Got it Monday and she is put together, going to season it tonight and I'll be smoking Friday afternoon.  I like the metal watering can Pzovic.  and I agree after looking at the design and reading all the reviews the cast iron skillet will be a must, stopping on the way home to get one this afternoon. 
  6. I just got the same smoker from the Home Depot just before Thanksgiving.  I've smoked meat a few times before this purchase, but definitely still a novice.

    I bought a cast iron skillet from Wal-Mart for like 8 bucks.  Makes nice smoke sitting it right on top of the included burner/pan.

    My door doesn't seal super well, but it's more of a design thing than a bent door type of thing.  I'm planning to install two spring loaded latches and ditch the one that came with.  I don't mind the door leaking smoke at times, I'm doing it more to keep from losing heat.

    So far I've done a brisket and a pork loin roast.  Still kind of learning how it behaves, but overall very happy with the purchase.  I really like having the lower door to tend to things like chips and water without opening the entire door.

  7. arlis

    arlis Newbie

    Thanks for the input Frijole.  After the first un I am very happy with the smoker and the product it produces.  I did some chicken thighs and ribs.  I agree with you I really like the lower door feature on this unit.  How did the pork loin do?  I am thinking that might be one of my next smokes.
  8. Oh good.  I'm glad you're happy with it also.

    The pork loin roast came out pretty well.  I'm still trying to figure out my meat thermometers and had to finish it in the oven, but it had nice smoke and was very tender and juicy.  The finished internal temp from the oven was 145, then went into a cooler for a short rest (we were hungry).  I bought two more as they were 2 for 1 at our local Albertson's store.

    I received my latches from McMaster Carr, so maybe I'll post back when I get them on.  I think having them on will pull the door tight.  Also think I will add a flat stove gasket like you would use for wood stove glass.

    Happy smokin!  :)
  9. arlis

    arlis Newbie

    awesome yes definitely post some pics of that.  I would like to seal up my door alittle better not that it bothers me but I think you could hold heat better and use less fuel by having the door seal better.  I was thinking of trying the stove gasket on mine.
  10. bworthy

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    I've had my dual fuel for about 6 months or so. Used some Nomex gasket (Amazon) on the doors and use a cast iron skillet for wood chunks. Took me awhile to dial in my cooking temperatures but have it pretty consistent now. Seems to work best smoking at about 230* F, wood chunks have a tough time smoking lower than 200* F. Just ordered an Amazing tube and will be looking to install a needle valve (probably Bayou Classic) to attempt some cold smoking.

  11. bworthy

    bworthy Smoke Blower

    Oops sorry, thought that photo had the gasket!

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